25 November 2021
Volume: 9
Issue: 52
Dr Mphumeleli Ngidi is the first in his family to graduate with a PhD.

Experiences of African Residents in Durban’s Cato Manor Researched for Doctoral Degree

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UKZN History lecturer Dr Mphumeleli Ngidi researched experiences of African residents who lived in Durban’s Cato Manor for his PhD in Social Sciences.

Master of Town and Regional Planning graduate, Ms Kiara Rampaul.

Research into Gender Mainstreaming in Warwick Market to Promote Inclusive Cities

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Exploring the concept of Gender Mainstreaming in Urban Space to Promote Inclusive Cities: A Case of Warwick Market, earned Ms Kiara Rampaul a Master of Town and Regional Planning degree.

Ms Petronella Bweupe was awarded a Master’s degree in Theology.

Theological Studies Primarily a Man’s Territory in Catholic Church - Research Suggests

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A study by Ms Petronella Bweupe of the Sisters of Mercy for a Master’s degree in Theology delves into the different approaches by the Catholic and Anglican churches towards women being ordained into the ministry. 

PhD in Education recipient, Dr Welile Msimango.

Doctoral Research Explores Experiences of Rural Working Mothers Studying for University Degrees

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Research into the experiences of rural working mothers studying for degrees through university earned Dr Welile Msimango a PhD in Education from UKZN.

Dr Angela Kavishe graduated with a PhD in Sociology.

Doctoral Research Investigates Cyberstalking in Tanzanian University

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Cyberstalking in Tanzanian Universities was the subject of research by Dr Angela Kavishe, who was awarded a PhD in Sociology for the study, supervised by Professor Maheshvari Naidu. 

PhD in Linguistics graduate, Dr Bulelwa Nyangiwe.

Challenges Faced by English Second Language Students in Written Business Communication Investigated

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Use of English Challenges Faced by isiZulu-speaking Students in the Business Context in South Africa was the focus of research by a doctoral candidate.

Dr Simita Sharan graduated with a PhD degree in Education.

Four Teachers from Three Diverse Countries Feature in Doctoral Research

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Dr Simita Sharan of New Delhi focussed her doctoral studies on four teachers from three culturally, socially, and racially different countries during her journey to achieve her PhD degree in Education. 

Master’s graduate, Ms Kelisha Panday.

Helping Learners Reduce Frustration and Anger Using Meditation

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'I saw a need for meditation in schools to assist learners discover solutions to the myriad of challenges they face', says Ms Kelisha Panday who graduated with a Master’s degree in Education. 

Doctoral degree for Dr George Fasinu.

Mathematical Modelling Approaches in Antenna Theory and Design - Focus of PhD Research

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Research into Engineering academics and students teaching and learning Mathematical modelling approaches in antenna theory and design through an interdisciplinary study in Science and Engineering Education, resulted in Dr George Fasinu being awarded a PhD in Education. 

Ms Gugu Macholo graduated with a Master’s in Education.

Research Explores Teachers’ Views of Learner Assessment Practices

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Assessment practices of teachers were examined by Ms Gugu Macholo in a study which culminated in her being awarded a Master’s degree in Education. Macholo explored teachers’ views of their assessment practices as well as their understanding of fairness, success, and level of difficulty in designing assessments. Urban schools in the Umlazi district (Maphundu circuit) were the focus of the study. 

A PhD in Education for Rhodes University lecturer, Dr Kavish Jawahar.

Rhodes University Lecturer Awarded Doctorate from UKZN

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Research into the alignment of school chemistry curriculum literacy demands between the syllabus, the textbook and exemplar examination in terms of abstraction earned a Rhodes University lecturer, Dr Kavish Jawahar a PhD in Education from UKZN. 

PhD in Curriculum Studies graduate, Dr Lucia Tsitsi Musekiwa.

Summative Assessment at Primary School Level in Zimbabwe Explored in PhD

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Research into the summative assessment experiences of teachers in Zimbabwean primary schools resulted in Dr Lucia Musekiwa being awarded a PhD in Curriculum Studies. 

Talent Equity and Excellence Scholarship recipient, Dr Sanele Nsele.

Critical Approach to Language Explored in PhD Research

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Dr Sanele Nsele’s PhD research explored an approach that enables teachers and learners to be more critical about language used in literary texts and social phenomena. 

Summa cum laude Master’s degree in Education for Ms Karen Sathyanand.

Primary School Teachers’ Views on Transgender Identity Explored in Research

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Primary school teachers’ views on transgender identity was the focus of research done by Ms Karen Sathyanand for her Master’s degree in Education which she received summa cum laude from UKZN.

PhD in Linguistics graduate, Dr Prosper Takavarasha.

Robert Mugabe’s Funeral Speeches for Zimbabwean National Heroes - Rants or Eloquent Orations?

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Dr Prosper Takavarasha graduated with a PhD in Linguistics for his research into funeral speeches made by the late former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe for “heroes” buried at the National Heroes’ Acre (NHA) in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

A PhD in Drama and Performance Studies for UKZN lecturer, Dr Noxolo Matete.

PhD Graduate Kept Doctoral Studies a Secret from Family

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Lecturer in the School of Arts Dr Noxolo Matete kept her doctoral studies a secret from her family for three years before surprising them with the news that she was to graduate with a PhD in Drama and Performance Studies. 

Dr Cherry Muslim dons a thobe to celebrate her graduation.

Online Perceptions of Muslim Women Using Social Media Explored in PhD

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For her doctorate in Religion and Social Transformation, UKZN academic Dr Cherry Muslim researched how digital activism can challenge and create dominant perceptions about Muslim women on social media.

Ms Siphelele Mazibuko whose study aimed to expand her knowledge in the field of theology.

“The Lived Reality of Queer People” in Shembe Church Explored in Research

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Research that explored “the lived reality of queer people” in the Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe Church) culminated in Ms Siphelele Mazibuko graduating from UKZN with a Master’s degree in Theology. 

Dr Henry Irabor whose research offers solutions to the long-standing conflict in the Delta.

Doctoral Study Examines Economic Conditions in Niger Delta Region

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Conflict Over the Equitable Distribution of Oil Resources and the Sustainability of Livelihoods in the Niger Delta Region was the focus of research which earned Dr Henry Irabor a PhD in International Relations. 

Master’s degree for Natural Sciences Teacher, Mrs Trisha Govindasami.

Graduate’s Research Examines Integrating Holistic Education into Sciences Classes

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Research into using arts-based methods to foster holistic education earned Natural Sciences teacher Mrs Trisha Govindasami a Master of Education degree.

An elated Dr Siphiwe Madondo who is a primary school teacher.

“Learning from Learners” in Self-Study Research Results in PhD

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A doctoral degree in Education was the prize at the end of self-study research by Dr Siphiwe Madondo in which he used children’s popular culture to elicit English creative writing and keep learners motivated and inspired in a Grade 6 class. 

Media and Communications graduate, Ms Francisca Nyaradzo Nhongonhema.

Investigating Perceptions on Using Social Media for Activism

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What online audiences and offline communities think about the use of social media as a platform for activism was the focus of research done by Ms Francisca Nyaradzo Nhongonhema for her Master’s degree in Media and Communication. 

Social Sciences graduate, Ms Senelisiwe Ndlela.

Study Delves into Community’s Perceptions of an Early Lightning Warning System

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As part of a transdisciplinary anthropology and agricultural sciences research study, Ms Senelisiwe Ndlela investigated community perceptions of an early lightning warning system in kwaSwayimane, uMshwathi. 

Mrs Sebenzile Basi graduated with a Master’s degree in Education.

Educational Leadership System Explored in Master’s Research

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Educational Leadership Dynamics in a Deprived Rural Setting were explored in research which earned Mrs Sebenzile Basi a Master’s degree in Education.

Graduates Ms Zandile Msimango (left) and Ms Bridget Msomi (right) with their supervisor, Dr Phindile Shangase.

Master’s Graduates Explored Community Development Issues in Research

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A desire to play a role in improving health-related matters in communities spurred the research of two graduates - Ms Zandile Msimango and Ms Bridget Msomi - who were awarded Master’s degrees in Community and Development. 

Education PhD graduate, Dr Firas Obeidat.

PhD Research Focuses on English Language Exam in Jordanian Schools

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Research that evaluated the validity and reliability of the Tawjihi English Language Examination as a school-leaving qualification in Grade 12 at public schools in Jordan earned Dr Firas Obeidat a PhD in Education.