26 May 2021
Volume: 9
Issue: 20
PhD in Nursing graduate, Dr Felix Apiribu.

Research Investigates Intimate Partner Violence Against HIV Positive Women

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Dr Felix Apiribu was awarded a PhD in Nursing for his research on Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence against HIV Positive Women Following Status Disclosure: A Phenomenological Study in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Mr Simbai Allen Maruve highlighted antibiotic resistance as a concern amongst vets in South Africa.

Antibiotic Resistance of Concern Amongst Veterinarians in South Africa

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Mr Simbai Allen Maruve was awarded a Master’s in Medical Sciences (Pharmacology) with distinction for his study on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of veterinarians on antibiotic resistance.

PhD in Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) graduate Dr Puvashnee Nydoo.

Doctoral Study Evaluates the Impact of Adverse Obstetrics Events on Healthcare Professionals’ Psychological Wellbeing

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Dr Puvashnee Nydoo was awarded a PhD in Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) for her evaluation of the impact of adverse obstetrics events on the psychological wellbeing of healthcare professionals in KwaZulu-Natal.

Newly capped Dr Yvette Yolanda Chetty.

Research Investigates the Effects of “Sugars” on the Brain and Behaviour

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Dr Yvette Yolanda Chetty’s PhD study (Physiology) investigated the effects of the illicit drug cocktail known as “Sugars” on the brain and behaviour of animals.

PhD graduate in Health Sciences (Medical Biochemistry), Dr Thilona Arumugam.

PhD Study Investigates Toxic Effects of a Food Borne Fungal Toxin on Liver Cells

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Dr Thilona Arumugam’s PhD in Health Sciences (Medical Biochemistry) evaluated the effect of the food borne mycotoxin, Fumonisin B1, on epigenetic changes such as methylation, micro RNA and long non-coding RNA expression.

Ms Zubeta Moledi graduated with a Master of Optometry.

UKZN Study Contributes to Lesotho’s Road Safety Plans

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Ms Zubeta Moledi graduated with a Master of Optometry degree for her study tilted: Assessment of Visual Function Amongst Motor Vehicle Drivers in Maseru, Lesotho.

Dr Osifeko Olalekan’s PhD study explores: The Development of a Professional Development Programme for Physical Activity Promotion in Adolescents’ Physical Education Classes, Nigeria.

Passion for Sport Inspires PhD Study

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Dr Osifeko Olalekan’s PhD study found that teachers need regular training on the promotion of physical activity (PA) and the wellness of adolescents, to reduce physical inactivity and the risk of developing various diseases.

Former staff member, Ms Nonnie Mabuza, graduated with a Master of Medical Science in Public Health.

KZN Hospital Managers Possess a Wealth of Managerial Knowledge and Experience

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Ms Nonhlakanipho (Nonnie) Mabuza was awarded a Master of Medical Science in Public Health for her study titled: Leadership Development Practices among Public Sector Hospital Managers in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

Ms Teniel Ramkhelawan.

Summa Cum Laude Graduate is Passionate about Microbiology

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Top achiever in Medical Science Honours (Microbiology), Miss Teniel Ramkhelawan’s interest in microbiology, biology and infectious diseases inspired her to engage in research on infectious diseases.

Ms Zainub Shaik.

Bachelor of Dental Therapy Awarded Summa Cum Laude

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‘I am truly honoured and elated to have completed my degree as one of the top students in the Discipline,’ said Dental Therapy graduate, Ms Zainub Shaik who graduated summa cum laude.

Ms Zaakirah Moola in the Optometry classroom at UKZN’s Westville campus.

Optometry Student Shines

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'This is a dream come true,’ said Ms Zaakirah Moola who was awarded a Bachelor of Optometry summa cum laude.

Ms Nazeera Peerbhay.

Audiology Student Graduates Cum Laude

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‘Nothing brings more joy than knowing my hard work has paid off,’ said UKZN’s top Bachelor of Audiology graduate, Ms Nazeera Peerbhay.

Ms Michaela Sewpersad master’s study explored whether the trend in public health to rationally redistribute tasks to lower cadres could address human resources shortages.

Audiology Master’s Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude

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Ms Michaela Sewpersad was awarded her Master’s in Audiology summa cum laude.

Mr Siyabonga Gumede graduated with a Master of Medical Sciences in Medical Microbiology.

Wastewater Treatment Plants are a Reservoir for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

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Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) have long been recognised as reservoirs for antibiotic-resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes.

Ms Wendy Young graduated with a Master of Occupational Therapy for her study on violent hand amputation and replantation.

Graduate Explores Violent Hand Amputation and Replantation in the South African Context

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Ms Wendy Young graduated with a Master of Occupational Therapy for her study on violent hand amputation and replantation in the South African context.

Nigerian-born academic, Dr Tesleem Babalola.

PhD Research Focuses on Resource Use in Healthcare Systems

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Dr Tesleem Babalola’s PhD study aimed to provide information to assist policy formulation that promotes more efficient resource allocation.

Graduating with a Master’s in Medical Sciences summa cum laude is Mr Mikyle David.

“Big Brain” Achieves Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences Summa Cum Laude

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Life has not been easy for Pietermaritzburg resident, Mr Mikyle David.

Charlotte Dube Award winner, Mr Thabang Ratopola.

Physiotherapy Student Exemplifies the Profession

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy student, Mr Thabang Ratopola received the inaugural Charlotte Dube award for the student that best exemplifies the Physiotherapy profession.

Dr Tafadzwa Dzinamarira.

Improving the Uptake of HIV Self-testing Among Rwandan Men

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Dr Tafadzwa Dzinamarira’s PhD in Public Health aimed to enhance men’s engagement in HIV services, specifically, HIV self-testing (HIVST) among men in Rwanda.

Mr Osama Madni graduates with a Master of Pharmacy cum laude.

Study Indicates Antibiotic Resistance to Carbapenem in an Intensive Care Unit

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Mr Osama Madni graduated with a Master of Pharmacy cum laude for his study entitled, Molecular Epidemiology of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacterales Colonization in an Intensive Care Unit.

Ms Sanelisiwe Xhakaza received her Master of Medical Sciences in Pharmaceutical Chemistry cum laude.

Pharmaceutical Chemist Graduates Cum Laude

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Ms Sanelisiwe Xhakaza graduated cum laude with a Master of Medical Sciences in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Dr Adeniyi Thompson Adewumi graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Doctoral Degree for Study on a Therapeutic Strategy to end Tuberculosis

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Dr Adeniyi Thompson Adewumi - who describes himself as an unrelenting person, a goal getter, and a dream achiever who never entertains fear in difficult times - was awarded a PhD for his study titled: Therapeutic Strategy to end Tuberculosis (TB) World: Structural and Functional Characterization of Potential Weak Hotspots of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Molecular Targets from Combinatorial in silico Perspective.

Top achiever, Ms Leah Jamie Sim.

Top Biokinetics Student

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Ms Leah Jamie Sim was named UKZN’s top Biokinetics Honours student and best overall achiever.

Mr Fanele Mthethwa in the dentistry lab on UKZN’s Westville campus.

Cum Laude for Dental Therapy Graduate

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‘I am so happy to have graduated cum laude,’ said Bachelor of Dental Therapy graduate, Mr Fanele Mthethwa.

Ms Nokuphila Sangweni graduates cum laude.

Top Dental Therapy Student

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Ms Nokuphila Sangweni was delighted to be awarded her Bachelor of Dental Therapy cum laude despite confronting the challenges caused by COVID-19 in her final year.