26 May 2021
Volume: 9
Issue: 19
Dr Michael Bartholomew Mwandri graduated with a PhD in Surgery.

First Tanzanian Surgeon to Graduate with a Doctoral Degree from UKZN

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Dr Michael Bartholomew Mwandri is the first Tanzanian surgeon to graduate with a doctoral degree from UKZN.

Dr Joshua Mbanga graduated with a doctoral degree in Medical Microbiology.

PhD Study Finds MDR Escherichia coli in Waste Water Treatment Plants in KZN

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Dr Joshua Mbanga graduated with a PhD in Medical Microbiology for his longitudinal environmental surveillance of antibiotic resistance, specifically in water environments near healthcare facilities and intensive food animal production systems in the uMgungundlovu District, KwaZulu-Natal.

Dr Idowu Kehinde Ademola.

Complementary Herbal Medicines used by HIV-positive Patients under the Spotlight

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Dr Idowu Kehinde Ademola’s PhD in Medicine (Virology) focused on the pharmacokinetic influence of phytochemical components from complementary herbal medicines used by HIV-positive patients in South Africa on the drug-metabolising proteins of HIV-1 protease drugs.

Dr Christiana Shobo graduated with a doctoral degree in Medical Microbiology.

Hospital-Acquired Infections Affect KZN’s Hospital Healthcare Quality, Finds Study

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Dr Christiana Shobo from UKZN’s Antimicrobial Research Unit, graduated with a PhD in Medical Microbiology for her study titled: Enterococcus sp. Contamination Surveillance in Different Levels of Healthcare in eThekwini District, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) South Africa.

Dr Amos Marume.

Research Highlights the Importance of Genes in Disease Susceptibility

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Senior lecturer in the Discipline of Pharmacology within the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe, Dr Amos Marume was awarded a PhD in Medical Microbiology (Immunogenetics and Immunoepidemiology) by UKZN for his research on the impact of host genetic factors in helminthic disease susceptibility (schistosomiasis).

Newly capped Dr Joyce Twahafifwa Shatilwe.

PhD Study Shines the Spotlight on Pregnant Adolescent Girls

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Dr Joyce Twahafifwa Shatilwe graduated with a PhD degree in Public Health following her study titled: Access and Utilisation of Maternal and Child Health Care information provided to Adolescent Girls during Pregnancy in Ohangwena Region, Namibia.

Dr Julius Nyerere Odhiambo.

Study Investigates Joint Spatial-Temporal Modelling of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

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Dr Julius Nyerere Odhiambo was awarded a PhD in Public Health for his study titled titled: Joint Spatial-Temporal Modelling of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Related Risk Factors in Kenya.

Top Achiever in Internal Medicine, Dr Siobahn Singh.

Optometrist Receives MBChB Cum Laude

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‘I feel humbled and grateful for having completed this degree and to have excelled in it,’ said Dr Siobahn Singh on obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) cum laude and being named Top Achiever in Internal Medicine.

Dr Kellicia Govender.

Medical Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude

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Dr Kellicia Govender was named the top student in the Integrated Surgical Practice module and graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) summa cum laude.

Dr Nicola Ann Kalafatis whose study aimed to establish whether South African anaesthesiologists are able to function as specialists after graduation.

PhD Explores Fitness for Purpose of South African Anaesthesiologists

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Dr Nicola Ann Kalafatis obtained a PhD in Anesthesiology for her thesis on Fitness for Purpose of South African Anaesthesiologists.

Overall achiever and honours graduate, Ms Karishma Naidoo.

Top Honours Student in Physiology

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Miss Karishma Naidoo was named overall Best B Med Science Honours Student and best overall achiever in B Med Science Honours Physiology at the College of Health Sciences’ annual awards.

UKZN master’s graduate, Mr Abel Phiri.

Master’s in Medical Sciences with Distinction

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Mr Abel Phiri graduated with a Master of Medical Science in Medical Microbiology with distinction to the delight of his supervisor, South African Research Chair in Antibiotic Resistance and One Health, Professor Sabiha Essack.

Graduating with master’s degrees for studies on antibiotic resistance are from left: Ms Viwe Sithole, Ms Ncomeka Sineke and Ms Sasha Badul.

Farm-to-Fork Approach Yields Three Master’s Graduates

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Ms Viwe Sithole (Medical Microbiology), Ms Ncomeka Sineke (Medical Microbiology) and Ms Sasha Badul (Pharmacology), from UKZN’s Antimicrobial Research Unit graduated with Master’s degrees in Medical Sciences for their work on antimicrobial resistance using the farm-to-fork approach.

Dr Louansha Nandlal obtained her Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) degree.

Kidney Disease a Significant Cause of Morbidity and Mortality in African Children

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‘My PhD journey has been an emotional roller-coaster but I am extremely proud of not being defeated by circumstances,’ said Dr Louansha Nandlal on obtaining her Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) degree.

PhD in Clinical Medicine graduate, Dr Anette Telmo Thompson.

PhD Focuses on Foot Assessment and Treatment for People with Diabetes

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Dr Anette Telmo Thompson was awarded a PhD in Clinical Medicine for her multi-faceted study on Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), complication for people living with diabetes.

Nigerian-born academic, Dr Eze Emmanuel Chima.

Hospital Effluent Water found to Discharge Multidrug Resistant Bacterium into Municipal Treatment Plants

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Dr Eze Emmanuel Chima’s PhD research in Medical Microbiology found that hospital effluent water discharged into municipal waste treatment plants contained multidrug resistant (MDR), extensively drug resistant(XDR) and pan-drug resistant(PDR) strains of biofilm forming Acinetobacter baumannii.

Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate, Mr Jadin Somiah.

Top Bachelor of Pharmacy Graduate

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‘I am genuinely honoured to have achieved such an accomplishment. I had no expectation of being one of the top students since my only goal was to comprehensively understand my work,’ said UKZN’s top Bachelor of Pharmacy student, Mr Jadin Somiah after obtaining his degree summa cum laude.

Passionate child and adolescent mental health researcher, Dr Gbotemi Babatunde.

Study Explores Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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Dr Gbotemi Babatunde was awarded a PhD for her study titled: An Exploration of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Services in a Low Resource District in South Africa.

Ms Latara Joseph graduated cum laude.

Top Speech-Language Therapy Graduate

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‘It is a huge achievement to graduate cum laude and be recognised as one of the top students in my class,’ said Bachelor of Speech-Language Pathology graduate, Ms Latara Joseph.

Ms Emily Ruth Higgitt.

Best Overall Achiever in Third-Year Physiology

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‘I am very proud of what I have achieved. When I started my degree, I planned to do my best. This is the outcome of my hard work,’ said Ms Emily Ruth Higgitt who obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science (Physiology) summa cum laude and was named the Best Overall Achiever in third-year.

Best Overall Student in Human Anatomy, Ms Courtney Barnes.

Top Anatomy Student

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Ms Courtney Barnes received a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Anatomy) degree cum laude and was named Best Overall Student in Human Anatomy in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences.

Ms Humaira Vawda.

Top Achiever in Biochemistry

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Miss Humaira Vawda attained her B Med Science Honours degree summa cum laude and was the top overall achiever in Honours in Biochemistry in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Microbiology) graduate, Dr Andile Ntombikhona Mtshali.

Targeted STI Management Approach Reduces Genital Infections and Pro-inflammatory Cytokines

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Dr Andile Ntombikhona Mtshali regards her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health Sciences (Medical Microbiology) as another step in her journey to become a successful research scientist.

Dr Clement Agoni at the computer lab on UKZN’s Westville campus.

Global Shapers Community Curator Graduates with PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Dr Clement Agoni, a member of the World Economic Forum’s initiative Global Shapers Community where he currently serves as its curator, graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Dr Danah Alshaer.

PhD Study Aims to Improve Human Health

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Dr Danah Alshaer, who hails from Jordan, graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science following a study titled: Synthesis and Physiochemical Characterization of new Siderophore-inspired Peptide Chelators with l-hydrnxypridine-2-one (l,2-HOPO).