02 November 2020
Volume: 8
Issue: 49
PhD in Health Sciences graduate, Dr Judie Magura.

Study Reveals Preventative Potency of Wild Rosemary in Breast Cancer

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Dr Judie Magura’s PhD in Health Sciences (Human Physiology) investigated the effects of the Eriocephalus africanus (wild rosemary plant) in human breast cancer and showcased the potency of nanotechnologically modified flavonoids isolated from the plant.

An elated Ms Siobhan Van Der Vyver celebrates her graduation with her partner, Mr Keagan Seddon.

Master’s Study Focuses on Gene Therapy to Manage and Treat Parkinson’s Disease

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Ms Siobhan Van Der Vyver graduated with a Master’s degree in Neurosciences within a year of embarking on her study titled, The Long-Term Effects of Gold Nanoparticles as Gene Vectors in a 6 hydroxydopamine-Induced Parkinsonian Rat Model.

Dr Abiola Olugbenga Omodan whose doctoral study investigated craniofacial clefts, a rare disease of the face that affects children.

Equipping Caregivers of Children Living with Craniofacial Cleft Disease

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Dr Abiola Olugbenga Omodan’s doctoral study investigated craniofacial clefts, a rare disease of the face that affects children.

PhD in Optometry graduate, Dr Zaheera Abdool.

Optometrist Develops Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Programme

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Dr Zaheera Abdool, who graduated with a PhD in Optometry, developed a diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening programme, which is an important component in eliminating avoidable blindness and vision impairment (VI).

PhD in Medical Physiology graduate, Dr Akinjide Moses Akinnuga.

The Use of Natural Agents to Prevent Prediabetes

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Dr Akinjide Moses Akinnuga was awarded a PhD in Medical Physiology for his thesis titled: Investigating the Effects of Bredemolic Acid on Selected Markers of some Prediabetes-associated Dysfunctions in Diet-induced Prediabetic Rats.

PhD graduate, Dr Prathna Bhola.

Staff Member’s Research Investigates the Immune Response to Cryptococcal Meningitis

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Senior pathologist and lecturer in UKZN’s School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences Dr Prathna Bhola, who is based at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, was awarded a PhD for her research on the immune response to cryptococcal meningitis.

Dr Buhle Maud Donda received a PhD in Medicine.

Research Unveils Experiences of SA Medical Students in Cuba

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Developmental lecturer in the School of Clinical Medicine at UKZN, Dr Buhle Maud Donda was awarded a PhD in Medicine (Education) for her thesis on the Experiences of South African Medical Students who studied in Cuba in Spanish for five years, during an Eighteen Months’ Assimilation in a Home Institution.

PhD in Pharmacy graduate, Dr Kamini Govender.

A Greener Method to Purify Biosynthesised Insulin

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Dr Kamini Govender’s PhD in Pharmacy successfully developed a rapid, greener, and more efficient method for the purification of biosynthesised human insulin and peptides compared to conventional methods.

Dr Desiree Govender received a doctorate in Public Health Medicine.

PhD Study Leads to Community of Practice Initiative

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Dr Desiree Govender’s PhD study resulted in the development of a community of practice initiative for teenage mothers.

Neuroscientist and UKZN staff member, Dr Zama Msibi graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience (Physiology).

Fascination with Brain Related Disorders Earns UKZN Staff Member a PhD

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Dr Zama Msibi, a Physiology lecturer in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences (SLMMS), graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience (Physiology) for her study entitled: Combination of Gold Nanoparticle-Mediated Gene Therapy and Oleanolic Acid in Treatment of 6 Hydroxydopamine-Induced Parkinsonism.

PhD in Health Sciences graduate, Dr Lindokuhle Mabuza.

Study Tests the Efficacy of Ruthenium Compound in Addressing Pre-Diabetic Complications

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Dr Lindokuhle Mabuza’s PhD in Health Sciences (Medical Biochemistry) evaluated the Effects of a Ruthenium (II) Complex in the Presence and/or Absence of Dietary Intervention on Selected Pre-Diabetic Complications in Diet-Induced Pre-Diabetes.

Dr Reina Mary Abraham, lecturer and the co-ordinator of the clinical skills undergraduate programme in UKZN’s School of Clinical Medicine.

Study Highlights the Importance of Feedback in the Development of Clinical Skills

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Dr Reina Mary Abraham’s PhD study investigated the use of feedback and feed-forward action plans in the development of clinical skills among undergraduate Medical students.

Dr Mluleki Luvuno, who in spite of financial and health related challenges, achieved a doctorate.

Physiology Study Explores Causal Relations between Diet, Exercise and Diabetes

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Dr Mluleki Luvuno’s PhD study developed a nutrition-based animal model of prediabetes using a high-fat high carbohydrate diet and observed that increased dependency on unhealthy diets and a relatively sedentary lifestyle coincide with the current alarming increase in type 2 diabetes.

Community pharmacist, Dr Sham Moodley graduated with a PhD in Pharmacy.

Committed to Community Health

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‘Your PhD should not be a race to obtain another qualification,’ says Dr Sham Moodley.