08 April 2019
Volume: 7
Issue: 18
Mr Banele Mgabi completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Banking and Investment Management with distinction. His family travelled from Newcastle to celebrate with him.

Higher Education Transforms Lives of Newcastle Family

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UKZN alumnus, Mr Banele Mgabi of Newcastle became the first person in his family to get a university qualification when he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree back in 2012.

Dr Msizi Mkhize, lecturer in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, received the Distinguished Teachers’ Award.

Distinguished Teachers’ Award for “Maths Activist”

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‘Teaching is a calling. For me, it’s my passion. Receiving the Distinguished Teachers’ Award confirms for me that I am on the right track with my teaching methods and that UKZN appreciates and values my contribution to Teaching and Learning.’ These are the words of Dr Msizi Mkhize, a lecturer in Accounting at UKZN’s School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, who holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Commerce degrees.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) summa cum laude graduates (from left) Mr Dilan Anirudh, Ms Zahra Hoosen and Mr Prenolin Govender.

Future CAs Excited About Career Prospects

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Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) summa cum laude graduates Mr Prenolin Govender, Mr Dilan Anirudh and Ms Zahra Hoosen are excited about pursuing careers as Chartered Accountants.

A proud moment for Dr Ntokozo Nzimande as he is capped with his PhD in Economics.

PhD Graduate Dedicates Doctorate to his Community

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School of Economics, Accounting and Finance (SAEF) lecturer Mr Ntokozo Nzimande who graduated with his PhD in Economics, dedicated the doctorate to his community situated in a rural area near Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

From left: Mr Mohammed Mansoor and Ms Safiyya Mohamed obtained their Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degrees cum laude.

Cum Laude Graduates on their Way Towards Becoming Chartered Accountants

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Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting cum laude graduates Ms Safiyya Tootla, Ms Tasnim Mahomedy, Mr Ajitesh Singh, and Mr Mohammed Mansoor and are on the road towards becoming Chartered Accountants (CA).

Bachelor of Business Science summa cum laude graduates, Ms Mishka Mohanlall (left) and Ms Priyanka Harrichurran.

Reveling in the Science of Business

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A love for figures and finance are behind the academic success of two young UKZN graduates.

Ms Zama Gumede graduated with a Master’s in Accountancy.

Change of Career Path Results in Completion of Master’s Degree

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The thought of a Chartered Accountant taking on a master’s degree part-time is daunting considering the huge amount of hard work involved, but for Ms Zama Gumede, it was a challenge she welcomed when she changed careers.

Manager in the KZN office of the Auditor General, Mr Amos Zungu, with his wife, Mpho. Zungu graduated with a Master’s degree in Accountancy.

Master’s in Accountancy for Auditor

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Mr Amos Zungu, Manager in the KwaZulu-Natal office of the Auditor General, was capped with a Master’s degree in Accountancy for research he conducted into the financial discipline at KZN municipalities.

Mr Damien Kunjal graduated with his Bachelor of Commerce (Business Finance) Honours degree cum laude.

Consistent Action Produces Consistent Results, says UKZN Staffer

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‘When I graduated cum laude the first time, I made it a mission to continue at that level and achieve the same result for my postgraduate degree and I did.’

Bachelor of Business Science cum laude graduates (clockwise from top left) Mr Michael Baxter, Ms Tiasha Govindasamy, Ms Revania Padayachee and Ms Yasmin Randeree.

Bright Future on the Horizon for Bachelor of Business Science Cum Laude Graduates

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Bachelor of Business Science cum laude graduates, Mr Michael Baxter, Ms Tiasha Govindasamy, Ms Revania Padayachee, and Ms Yasmin Randeree are well equipped and ready to take the business world by storm!