05 April 2019
Volume: 7
Issue: 16
Dr Ismail Bhorat, the first Senior PhD graduate from UKZN’s College of Health Sciences.

Senior PhD A First for College of Health Sciences

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Dr Ismail Bhorat, Honorary Clinical Fellow at UKZN and Head of Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital’s Foetal Unit is the first person to graduate with a senior doctoral degree from the College of Health Sciences. A leading foetal specialist, Bhorat was part of a team of experts who conducted South Africa’s first pinhole surgery on a baby whilst still in the womb in 2012, and in 2016, performed the first successful foetal pericardiocentesis in the country.

Ms Siobhan van der Vyver graduates summa cum laude.

Exploring New Gene Therapy Leads to Summa Cum Laude Pass

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Ms Siobhan van der Vyver graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honours) degree. Her study explored the use of gene therapy in tackling the degenerative condition, Parkinson’s disease.

Dr Misturah Yetunde Adana who graduated with a PhD in Health Sciences.

People Living with HIV/AIDS at Increased Infertility Risk, Study Finds

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Declining male fertility is one of the neglected concerns of people living with HIV/AIDS. This is of particular relevance as the majority of those affected are in their reproductive years. Dr Misturah Yetunde Adana was awarded a PhD in Medicine for her study on Testicular Morphological and Biochemical Perturbations in Experimental Animals under Antiretroviral Therapy and the Role of Naringenin, a Bioactive Flavonoid. The study assessed the impact of antiretroviral therapy on reproductive capability.

Dr Naeem Sheik-Abdul graduated with a PhD in Medical Biochemistry.

Study Reveals that Fusaric Acid has the Potential to Cause Cancer

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Post-doctoral Fellow in the Discipline of Medical Biochemistry at UKZN, Dr Naeem Sheik Abdul described his PhD journey as an emotional rollercoaster that culminated in an accomplishment that has humbled him and was a source of personal growth.

Dr Suventha Moodley graduated with a PhD in Medical Microbiology.

Passionate TB Researcher Awarded PhD

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The alarming rate of Tuberculosis (TB) infection in South Africa and the severe side effects of TB drugs motivated Dr Suventha Moodley to conduct both her master’s and PhD studies in this field.

Against all odds, Dr Noxolo Beatrice Nxele graduates with a medical degree.

Young Doctor Overcomes Life’s Challenges

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‘Losing my parents at a young age never deterred my mission to make it in life. I know that wherever they are, they are extremely proud of me. We become who we are because of what we go through. I think of myself as very fortunate though because my aunt, Dr Bongi Zulu who lecturers at UKZN and her husband, Mr Zwelethu Macmillan Zulu (retired school principal), raised me. I really don’t know what I would have become without their support and guidance.

From left, Ms Nehpal Singh, Ms Cheval Sookram and Ms Nitalia Naidoo.

Top Three Achievers in Physiology

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Ms Nehpal Singh, Ms Nitalia Naidoo, and Ms Cheval Sookram were named the best overall third-year achievers in BMed Science Physiology in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences at UKZN.

Top Paediatrics student, Dr Sabelo Nogemane.

Paediatrics Award

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Dr Sabelo Nogemane received the Professor Meera Chaggan Award for the runner up to the best Paediatrics student. ‘I am deeply honoured and excited to be given this prestigious award,’ he said.

Medical students graduate with certificates of merit in Dermatology.

Ten Doctors Receive Eucerin Awards

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The Department of Dermatology in the School of Clinical Medicine bestowed Eucerin Awards for 10 top performing Dermatology students during the College’s Final Year Awards Ceremony.

Ms Buhle Lubuzo graduates cum laude.

Young Researcher Graduates Cum Laude

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‘I take pride in how far I’ve gone and I have faith in how far I can go,’ said Ms Buhle Lubuzo who graduated with a MMed Sci in Public Health Medicine cum laude.

Dr Desmond Kuupiel celebrates graduating with a PhD in Public Health.

Point-of-Care Diagnostic Services in Rural Primary Healthcare Clinics the Focus of PhD Study

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Dr Desmond Kuupiel received his PhD for his study: Assessing the Accessibility of Antenatal Clinic Point-of-Care Diagnostic Services in Rural Ghana, under the supervision of Dr Tivani Mashamba-Thompson.

Ms Zinhle Mvelase graduated with a Master of Medical Sciences (Physiology) degree.

Improving the Health of Our Society

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'I feel very proud and relieved to have accomplished this. I am very interested in enlarging my experience within Higher Education in the field of research and leadership,’ said Ms Zinhle Mvelase on obtaining her Master of Medical Sciences (Physiology) degree.

International Laparoscopy expert, Professor Modise Zacharia Koto, graduates with a PhD in Surgery.

Laparoscopy Key in Trauma Management

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A pioneer in laparoscopic procedures in the management of trauma patients in South Africa, Professor Modise Zacharia Koto graduated with a doctoral degree in Surgery from UKZN. Koto is renowned for performing the first laparoscopic aortobifemural bypass graft in South Africa in 2012. His doctoral study showed no missed injury in penetrating abdominal trauma during laparascopy.

Dr Ntshengedzeni Margaret Ravhengani graduated with a PhD in Public Health.

Study Identifies Best Practice in Implementing the WISN Tool in Primary Healthcare Settings

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Dr Ntshengedzeni Margaret Ravhengani’s PhD research identified evidence-based best practice in implementing the Workload Indicators of Staffing Needs (WISN) Tool in Primary Healthcare (PHC) settings to improve human resources planning and access to quality healthcare.

Dr Nnabuike Chibuoke Ngene graduated with a PhD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Study Investigates Use of Antihypertensive Drugs in Preeclampsia Treatment

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Dr Nnabuike Chibuoke Ngene was awarded a PhD in Medicine for his study on Postpartum Blood Pressure Patterns and Pre-delivery Blood Levels of Angiogenic Factors among severe Preeclamptic Patients having Abdominal Deliveries.

Ms Gcwalisile Ncomile Mabaso graduated summa cum laude.

“Your Background Does Not Determine Your Future”

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Ms Gcwalisile Ncomile Mabaso received her Bachelor of Medical Science in Anatomy summa cum laude. She was also the overall top student in this programme and was the 2nd best overall achiever in third-year.

Dr Emma Kate Zoetmulder with Dean and Head of School of Clinical Medicine, Professor Ncoza Dlova.

Doctor Obtains Top Marks in Surgery

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Dr Emma Kate Zoetmulder received an award for obtaining the highest marks in Surgery. Zoetmulder said that she was surprised and delighted to receive the award. ‘I really loved this rotation as a student and felt really lucky to learn from some amazing surgeons at King Edward Hospital.

Dr Theshan Kogilan Naidoo obtained his MBChB summa cum laude.

Doctor Awarded Degree Summa Cum Laude

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Dr Theshan Kogilan Naidoo was awarded his MBChB degree summa cum laude. He said he had always wanted to enter a field that would help his community. Although the MBChB has a huge volume of content, Medicine is fascinating as it is diverse.

Dr Dimitrjie Mamontov is top of his medical class. Seen with his many awards and his mum, Mrs Zorka Mamontov.

Top Graduate Honoured with Prestigious Awards

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Dr Dimitrije Mamontov obtained his MBChB degree summa cum laude and walked away with a number of prestigious awards including the YK Seedat Prize awarded to the top MBCHB student; Professor Meera Chaggan Award for Excellence in Paediatrics; Alan B Taylor Prize for the highest marks in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; RWS Cheetham Senior Memorial Prize ...

Seen at the Graduation ceremony are Dr Shivesh Narismulu, Dr Riona Singh, Dr Sumika Singh, Dr Nitesh Brijlal and Dr Fathima Ismail Bhorat.

Six Doctors Graduate Cum Laude

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Six Medical graduates, Drs Nitesh Brijlal; Sumika Singh; Shivesh Narendra Narismulu; Riona Singh; Fathima Ismail Bhorat and Molifi Michael Moshoadiba, graduated cum laude

Medical Outreach Specialist, Dr Robert Ian Caldwell, graduates with a PhD.

UKZN Staffer Graduates with a PhD on his 50th Anniversary as a Medical Doctor

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Specialist physician, Dr Robert Ian Caldwell from UKZN’s School of Clinical Medicine graduated with a doctoral degree in Medicine in the year that he celebrates his 50th anniversary as a Medical doctor.

SANTHE student, Dr Doty Brenda Ojwach graduates with a PhD in Virology.

“What Men Can Do in Science, Women Can Do Even Better”

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Dr Doty Brenda Achieng Ojwach graduated with a PhD in Medical Virology for her study on how the HIV virus changes its genetic make-up to evade recognition by the immune system and how these changes impact the virus’ ability to replicate (multiply) optimally. It is vital to identify the virus’ weak spots so that they can be targeted for drug therapy and vaccine design. This is regarded as a key strategy in eradicating the HIV/AIDs epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

With a study on African traditional healing for Diabetes, Dr Japhet Mangoyi graduates with a PhD.

Plant Extracts Prove Effective in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

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Dr Japhet Mangoyi was awarded a PhD for his study on plant extracts used by a South African traditional healer to treat diabetes.

The study proved the safety and efficacy of Uthuli Lwezichwe, a poly-herbal mixture, in a rat model of Type 2 Diabetes.