14 September 2018
Volume: 6
Issue: 48
UKZN PhD graduate, Dr Elizabeth M Joseph-Shehu, whose research led to the development of a healthcare promotion mobile app.

UKZN Study Leads to Nurse-Client Interactive Mobile App Development

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A UKZN PhD study conducted by Dr Elizabeth M Joseph-Shehu identified health promotion as key in the control and prevention of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs); leading to the development of an Android mobile application that can enhance healthcare promotion amongst university workers.

Dr Edson Panganayi Sibanda who graduated with a PhD in Philosophy in Health Sciences.

Challenges No Match for Dr Sibanda’s Hunger for Success

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The road to success is not easy to navigate especially if you throw in a PhD; an often-lonely affair that requires focus and discipline, a circumstance which proved all too true for Dr Edson Panganayi Sibanda.

Dr Pragalathan Naidoo graduated with a PhD in Philosophy in Health Sciences.

PhD Study Seeks to Improve Postnatal Outcomes

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‘I feel ecstatic because it was always my dream to obtain a PhD qualification in Health Sciences. I am truly grateful and blessed to have such amazing, kind and humble parents who made major sacrifices to educate me and who instilled in me the importance of hard work and perseverance.’

Dr Abdul Yakasai is conferred with his PhD degree at the Health Sciences Graduation ceremony.

PhD Study Focuses On HIV-Neurological Comorbidity

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A UKZN PhD study conducted by Dr Abdul Yakasai looked at the most common HIV-neurological comorbidity that affects both functions and quality of life.

Dr Agness Farai Nhidza who graduated with a PhD in Medical Microbiology.

PhD Study Investigates Immune Responses to Carriage of Enteric Pathogens

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Dr Agness Farai Nhidza feels greatly humbled and hopes to continue with her Post-Doctoral studies in molecular immunology and bioinformatics, if the opportunity arises.

PhD graduate, Dr Bilen Gebrekidan Teklezgi, who investigated the distribution and localisation of heroin and other drugs in the brain.

Dissecting the Distribution of Heroin in the Brain

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UKZN PhD study investigated the distribution of heroin as well as opioids, opioid agonist and antagonists and their localisation in the brain using Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) for the first time.

From left: Dr Eyesu Gebreegziabher, Professor Johan van Heerden, Dr Leyetad Gebru and Dr Ashenafi Tariku. Also pictured with Professor van Heerden is Ms Ireen Munekani.

UKZN Academic Graduates Four International Students

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UKZN’s Professor Johan van Heerden from the Sport Science Discipline at UKZN graduated three PhD students and one Master’s student during the Spring Graduation ceremonies.

The three PhD students hail from Ethiopia, while the Master’s student is from Zimbabwe.

Dr Cherinet Hailu Balami graduated with a PhD in Sports Science.

PhD Study Recommends Psychological Training for Coaches and Elite Runners

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A thesis on causal attribution of elite athletes on their performance has earned Ethiopian national, Dr Cherinet Hailu Balami a PhD in Sports Science.

PhD in Health Sciences graduate, Dr Raadhiya Osman.

PhD Research Seeks to Improve HIV Anti-retroviral Treatment

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Dr Raadhiya Osman graduated with a PhD in Health Sciences following her study titled: Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrom and Lipodystrophy in HIV-Positive patients on anti-retroviral therapy attending Addington Hospital.

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences graduate, Dr Nikita Naicker.

Mistakes Essential for Development, Says Biochemistry Researcher

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‘Completing this degree has sparked a multitude of feelings. I am proud of my triumph; one which bared both struggle and success,’ so said Dr& Nikita Naicker upon completion of her Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (Medical Biochemistry) in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences.

Dr Margaret Glynnis Matthews who graduated with a PhD which emphasised the importance of communication in healthcare.

Communication in Healthcare Vital: PhD Study Finds

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A concern with regards to communication in healthcare - whilst being included now as a graduate competency in health professions education - being somewhat neglected in South Africa was the basis upon Dr Margaret Glynnis Matthews built her PhD study

Dr Yashodani Pillay who received a PhD in Philosophy in Health Sciences.

PhD Study Investigates Food Contamination

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‘I have feelings of relief, excitement and gratitude. It’s been a difficult journey but I am so grateful to all who were a part of it. I’m unsure of what the future holds for now, but I’d like to use what I’ve learnt to help others and make a positive impact - possibly through evidence-based policy and initiatives.’

Dr Eyasu Merhatsidk Gebreegziabher who graduated with a PhD in Sport Science.

PhD in Sport Science for Soccer Coach

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Ethiopian national, Dr Eyasu Merhatsidk Gebreegziabher, is thrilled to have graduated with a PhD in Sport Science following his study which investigated anthropometric profile and physical performance of youth players as well as challenges in the Ethiopian football talent identification programme.

Dr Sona Narayanan Ayanikalath who graduated with a PhD during the recent UKZN Spring Graduation ceremonies.

PhD Study Dissects Effectiveness of Ecologically Valid Telerehabilitation System

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A UKZN study identified the need for treating a new intervention as unique, developing in relation to a complex and potentially unique set of ecological conditions.

Dr Fathima Nuzha Ishak graduates with a PhD in Speech Language Pathology.

Improving Healthcare Through Academia

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Sri Lanka National, Dr Fathima Nuzha Ishak, graduated with a PhD in Speech Language Pathology at the CHS Spring Graduation.