17 September 2018
Volume: 6
Issue: 49
Master’s graduate, Mr Lethani Ndwandwe.

From Herding Cattle to Improving Quality of Data Analysis

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Mr Lethani Ndwandwe has graduated with his Master’s in Statistics for his work on missing data imputation techniques; work which will contribute to tackling the common occurrence of missing data that affects data conclusions.

Ms Pachia Marimuthu graduates with her BSc in Chemical Engineering with her parents by her side.

Success Despite All Odds

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Enthusiasm and hard work paid off for Chemical Engineering student, Ms Pachia Marimuthu, who graduated with her BSc in Chemical Engineering. 

Ms Joan Akob graduated with her MSc in Dietetics.

Master’s Graduate Offers Food for Thought Through Research

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With two graduations in the bag, Cameroonian beauty queen, Ms Joan Akob, has no plans of slowing down.

PhD graduate, Dr Stephen Olukayode Ibijola, is capped by Professor Bala Pillay.

Solving Traffic Congestion Problems Caused by Rainfall

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Dr Stephen Olukayode Ibijola is ecstatic to graduate from UKZN with a PhD that looked into congestion problems on highway intersections as well as drivers’ behaviour during rainfall. 

Dr Surabhi Srivastava with her husband Professor Viranjay Srivastava and children Vivan and Rayan.

PhD Tackles Natural Resource Conservation for Sustainable Water Supply

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Dr Catherine Hughes graduated with her PhD in Hydrology after using validated hydrological modelling to demonstrate the possibility of deriving sustainable water supply from a catchment - for human and ecosystem use - if natural resource assets are conserved and rehabilitated. 

Mr McDonald Nundwe graduated with a Master’s degree in Plant Breeding.

MSc in Plant Breeding for Nundwe

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Mr McDonald Nundwe has graduated with his Master’s in Plant Breeding which involved characterising sweet sorghum germplasm for biofuel production.

Research in Entomology earned Mrs Yurita Yona Boodhram a Master’s degree.

Saving the World Through Entomology

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Malaria is a disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes; the highest impact of the disease is seen in Africa where 90 percent of worldwide deaths occur as a result of the disease.

Master in Statistics  cum laude  graduate, Mr Mohanad Mohammed.

Cum Laude for Statistics Master’s Graduate

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Mr Mohanad Mohammed from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (SMSCS) has graduated with his Master’s in Statistics cum laude after conducting a study that involved combining statistical and machine learning approaches to enhance cancer disease state classification based on high dimensional microarray data.

Mr Shaheen Thakur who graduated with his Master’s in Geography.

Excellent Reputation Attracts Master’s Graduate to UKZN

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Mr Shaheen Thakur, a student from the School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SAEES), graduated with an MSc in Geography. 

Ms Carrie Jacobs graduates with her Master’s with her family by her side.

Breaking Down Bacteria with Master’s Graduate

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Ms Carrie Jacobs began her academic career in the Medical Sciences where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Anatomy. 

Ms Sibusiswangaye Mdluli graduates with her Master’s in Plant Breeding.

Passion for Solving Scientific Puzzles Earns Mdluli a Master’s Degree

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‘Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do’. 

UKZN academic, Dr Patricia Govender, graduates with her PhD in Chemistry, with the support of her family. Insert: Her late son, Mr Teshan Govender.

PhD Graduate’s Doctoral Studies Dedicated to Late Son

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Although faced with personal challenges throughout her postgraduate studies, Dr Patricia Govender still managed to graduate with her PhD from the School of Chemistry and Physics

Dr Oluwabamise Adeleye graduates with his PhD in Physics.

Graduate Achieves PhD in Record Time with Acclaimed Results

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Dr Oluwabamise Adeleye graduated with a PhD in Physics after investigating radiation dose and cancer risk estimates from tuberculosis (TB) infections imaging. 

Mr Adila Wamisho obtained his Master’s in Physics.

Wamisho: First NASSP Master’s Graduate

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Since he was a young boy growing up in the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr Adila Wamisho has always been passionate about Maths and Physics. 

PhD graduate, Dr Gerald Xolile Ncipha with his family.

Cutting Edge Atmospheric Research Earns Ncipha a PhD

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Dr Gerald Xolile Ncipha from the School of Chemistry and Physics (SCP), graduated with his PhD in Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 

PhD graduate, Dr Prossy Namugga, is hooded by UKZN Registrar, Mr Simon Mokoena.

Uganda’s First Potato Breeder Tackles Devastating Crop Disease

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Dr Prossy Namugga has graduated with her PhD in Plant Breeding through the African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI) after working on the development of high-yielding and early maturing potato genotypes. 

Dr Precious Mangena earned herself a PhD in Plant Breeding.

Securing Global Energy Security Through Innovative Research

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Dr Precious Mangena has graduated with her PhD in Plant Breeding for her work in developing a superior sweet stem sorghum hybrid over a short period of time using a male gametocide so that the crop can be used in bio-fuel production and related activities.

Mr Simphiwe Mathenjwa who graduated with a Master’s in Applied Science.

Searching for Mathematical Insight into Higher Dimensions

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Mr Simphiwe Mathenjwa graduated with his Master’s in Applied Mathematics from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (SMSCS) for his research on local isometric embeddings that have importance to Astrophysics as they could generate new solutions to the Einstein field equations, giving mathematical insights into physical models of higher-dimensions.

Mr Lindani Mchunu (left) with one of his supervisors, Dr Alfred Odindo.

Passion for Agriculture Earns Mchunu Master’s Degree

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Mr Lindani Mchunu graduated with his Master of Science in Agriculture degree after investigating the identification and selection of Tepary bean genotypes for yield and drought tolerance in South Africa that can be used as parental lines of breeding as well as for large-scale production. 

Chemical Engineering PhD graduate, Dr Atsile Ocwelwang.

PhD in Chemical Engineering for Dr Atsile Ocwelwang

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Using education as a key to transforming the circumstances of her life is what motivated PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering Dr Atsile Ocwelwang to work hard. 

Dr Virginia Ebhota who graduated with her PhD in Electronic Engineering.

Graduate Learns PhD Journey Not One-Size-Fits-All

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Studying towards a Doctorate is a demanding and challenging task and every doctoral student and graduate has a story to tell in this regard. 

Dr Mary Teddy Asio who graduated with a PhD which aimed to improve rice production.

PhD Graduate Improving Ugandan Rice Production

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Dr Mary Teddy Asio has graduated with her PhD through the African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI), having worked on a genetic study of upland rice varieties in Uganda to identify those that are resistant to Striga hermonthica. 

Mr Wesley Evans who graduated with a Master’s in Ecological Sciences.

Perseverance Key to Success

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Mr Wesley Evans was ecstatic to graduate with his Master’s degree. Growing up, he always dreamt of one day becoming a doctor and he is now one step closer to living his dream after graduating with his Master’s in Ecological Sciences. 

Dr Kayode Olowe graduates with his PhD in Civil Engineering.

PhD Sets Graduate on Course to Solving Water Pollution Problems

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Dr Kayode Olowe graduated with a PhD in Civil Engineering for his research in solute transport, water distribution system analysis and mathematical water quality modelling and monitoring. 

Mr Abdulaziz Yakubu graduates with his Master’s in Physics.

Ensuring Earth’s Sustainability Through Research

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Mr Abdul Aziz Yakubu has always been aware of the effects of climate change and its effects on the earth and its inhabitants. 

Dr Christina Kannigadu achieved her PhD in Chemistry.

Dr Kannigadu Aims to Smash Patriarchy Through Education

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Having completed her Master’s degree in Chemistry at UKZN in 2015, Dr Christina Kannigadu felt like there was something missing; an inclination which would lead her to applying for and studying towards her PhD.