17 April 2015
Volume: 3
Issue: 17
Family Medicine specialist and KZN SAMA chair, Dr Mergan Naidoo, graduates with a PhD.

UKZN Lecturer obtains PhD for Improving Obstetric Surgical Safety in KZN Hospitals

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Maternal deaths in the intervention group dropped significantly after a novel study that conducted in 18 district and regional hospitals of KwaZulu-Natal by UKZN Lecturer, Dr Mergan Naidoo, from Glenmore who graduated with a PhD on 15 April 2015.

Swazi National, Dr Colile Dlamini graduated with a PhD in Nursing.

Study Produces Potential New Nursing Teaching Model

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A thesis titled: “Developing a Clinical Education Model for the Integration of Theory and Practice in Swaziland”, secured Dr Colile Dlamini a PhD in Nursing.

Ms Kamantha Moodley graduates cum laude.

Young Woman Excels in a Male Dominated Field

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The friends and family of 23-year-old Ms Kamantha Moodley of Reservoir Hills are ‘over the moon’ after she graduated with an Exercise Science (Honours) cum laude degree.

Dr Samuel Boadi Kusi graduates with a UKZN PhD.

Eye Health of Ghanaian Cocoa Farmers Focus of UKZN Graduate’s Research

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Dr Samuel Boadi-Kusi had to travel long distances on poor roads and sleep in remote villages during the course of completing his PhD research on the vision-related health of cocoa farmers in Ghana.

UKZN’s PhD through publication graduate Dr Eleazar Ndabarora.

UKZN Produces yet another PhD Graduate though Publications

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UKZN PhD student, Mr Eleazar Ndabarora, graduated after completing his thesis through publications.

Nursing Education Association CEO Nelouise Geyer.

Work Performance and Caring Behaviour of Professional Nurses Investigated in Thesis

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A study conducted by Ms Nelouise Geyer examines the influence of a group of interpersonal characteristics on the work performance and caring behaviour of professional nurses from the perspective of both nurses and patients.

Dr Ahmed Muslim seen with his colleague, Dr Shenuka Singh.

Dental Therapy Lecturer earns PhD Promoting Oral Healthcare Policy Development

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Dr Ahmed Muslim’s PhD study involved a comparative analysis of oral healthcare policy in Australia and South Africa, shedding light on similarities and differences between developed and developing countries

Dr Elizabeth Ojewole graduated with her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

PhD Study Explores Alternative Route for Antiretroviral Drug Delivery

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UKZN Pharmaceutical Sciences Lecturer, Dr Elizabeth Bolanle Ojewole, graduated with a PhD after completing a novel study that explored the buccal mucosal route’s potential for antiretroviral (ARV) drug delivery.

Masters summa cum laude graduate, Mr Soumendranath Bhakat.

HIV Treatment Drug Researcher Receives Medical Sciences Degree Summa Cum Laude

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Indian-born, Mr Soumendranath Bhakat, travelled to South Africa to graduate at UKZN with a Master of Medical Sciences degree summa cum laude.

UKZN’s Best Overall Fourth-year Student, Ms Robyn Knott.

Best Overall Final-Year Nursing Student Loves Hard Work

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It was not an easy road but 26-year-old Robyn Knott persevered and graduated top of her class in the Bachelor of Nursing programme at UKZN.

Sub-specialist Trauma surgeon, Dr Grant Laing.

Sub-specialist Trauma Surgeon Graduates with PhD

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Sub-specialist trauma surgeon, Dr Grant Laing, graduated from UKZN with a PhD on the basis of his thesis which originated as part of a multifaceted quality improvement programme (QIP) within the Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Surgical Service.

Mr Levin Chetty obtained his Masters cum laude.

Masters Cum Laude Graduate Improves the Lives of the Elderly

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The functional fitness of a group of senior citizens living in Durban old age homes changed for the better after a study completed by UKZN Masters cum laude graduate, Mr Levin Chetty.

Ms Jennifer Light graduates as Best Final Year Physiotherapy student.

Hard Work Pays Off for Physiotherapy’s Top Summa Cum Laude Graduate

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Ms Jennifer Light won the award for Best Physiotherapy Student and obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree summa cum laude.

Ms Faren Naidoo graduates as Midwifery top student.

Top Midwifery Student Graduates with Bachelor of Nursing Degree

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Bachelor of Nursing graduate Ms Faren Naidoo of Pinetown is UKZN’s best Midwifery student.

Not too old to graduate, Dr Ashok Maharajh.

PhD Victory for Retired Sport Science Academic

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The 68-year-old former head of the Sport Studies Department at the Durban University of Technology, Dr Ashok Maharajh, graduated with a PhD in Sport Science from UKZN.


UKZN lays Solid Foundation for Summa Cum Laude Sport Scientist

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Mr Alexander McKerrow, who graduated from UKZN’s Bachelor of Sport Science programme summa cum laude, is now pursuing his honours degree in Biokinetics at the University of Cape Town.

Mr Njabulo Nhlenyama graduates as Dental Therapy top student.

Rural KZN Student Tops Dental Therapy Class and Graduates Cum Laude

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Mr Njabulo Nhlenyama (23) was congratulated by family, friends, and proud residents of the Mbazwana community in Umkhanyakude District in northern KwaZulu-Natal when he topped UKZN’s Dental Therapy class and graduated cum laude.

Youngest PhD graduate at UKZN, Dr Suri Moonsamy.

UKZN’s Youngest PhD Graduate Explores Computational Tools towards the Understanding of HIV Targets

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Twenty-four-year-old, Dr Suri Moonsamy, graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UKZN’s College of Health Sciences (CHS) in less than two years, with six publications in highly reputable peer-reviewed international journals (thesis via publications) in the bag.

Cum laude graduate, Mr Jean Paul Almaze.

Male Nurse Graduates as UKZN’s Top Honours Nursing Student

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Mr Jean-Paul Almaze of the Seychelles topped his Honours Nursing class and graduated cum laude.

CAPRISA Research Pharmacist, Alicia Desmond, obtains Masters cum laude.

CAPRISA Research Pharmacist Awarded Masters Degree Cum Laude

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Research Pharmacist Ms Alicia Desmond of Durban graduated with a Master’s of Pharmacy cum laude for her study which evaluated adherence measures in infants receiving daily Nevirapine suspension for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Pharmacy top students graduate summa cum laude.

Ten Pharmacy Students Graduate Summa Cum Laude

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Cheers and ululating filled the air when 10 Bachelor of Pharmacy students were capped as summa cum laude graduates.

UKZN Lecturer, Dr Zandile Gumede.

PhD Study Examines Health Behaviour in Child-headed Households

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UKZN Lecturer, Dr Zandile Gumede, conducted a study for her PhD degree aimed at producing a broad picture about the health behaviour of children in child-headed households (CHHs) and issues surrounding their access to health care services.

Occupational Health Nurse Penelope Margaret Orton graduated with a PhD in Nursing.

Access To Higher Education in Health Sciences Examined in Thesis

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PhD Nursing graduate Ms Penelope Orton’s thesis investigated access to higher education in health sciences with a focus on transformation and social justice.

UKZN School of Nursing and Public Health graduate, Dr Isioma Mary Ofili.

PhD Study Investigates Blood Pressure Profiles of Residents in Nigeria

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UKZN School of Nursing and Public Health student, Ms Isioma Mary Ofili investigated the blood pressure profiles of residents in Ibusa community in Delta State Nigeria as part of her PhD study.

IMPI winger,Yandisa Mdolomba, graduates with Honours from UKZN.

UKZN IMPI Winger Graduates as Best Honours Student in Leisure Science

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UKZN’s IMPI rugby team player, Mr Yandisa Mdolomba, showed he is an impressive all-rounder after being named Best Leisure Science student and graduating with Honours.

Dr Tanuja Gengiah graduates with a PhD at UKZN.

CAPRISA’s Head of Pharmacy obtains PhD for integrating HIV and TB Drug Treatment

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Dr Tanuja Gengiah received her PhD after completing a novel study titled: “Integrating human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Tuberculosis (TB) Drug Treatment”.

Ms Siobahn Singh graduates at UKZN.

Optometry High-Flyer Graduates at UKZN

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Ms Siobahn Singh graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry degree after scooping awards for Best Contact Lens Clinician and Best Paediatric Vision Clinician.

Nonzwakazi Ntombela graduated with a Masters of Medical Science.

UKZN Study Focuses on Parasites

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A UKZN study examined soil transmitted helminths (intestinal parasites) and schistosomiasis infections in pregnant women attending antenatal care clinics around Durban.

Ms Melanie Ferreira graduates as Best Final Year Audiology student.

Multi Award Winner Graduates as Best Audiology Student

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It’s been four years of hard work, dedication and strong friendships built, says 23-year-old Ms Melanie Ferreira, who graduated as the top student in Audiology.

Mr Joshua Nkosi.

International Bodybuilding Champ Graduates with UKZN Dental Therapy Degree

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A Dental Therapy degree is the latest booty in the bag of international bodybuilding champion, Mr Joshua Nkosi, who graduated with the highest mark in his class for Restorative Dentistry.

Ms Hajera Omar Essop graduates as Best Final Year Speech Language Pathology student.

Speech-Language Pathology Student Graduates Summa Cum Laude

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Ms Hajera Omar Essop topped the Speech-Language Pathology final-year class and graduated summa cum laude.

Ms Bupe Mwamba obtained her degree cum laude.

Bachelor of Nursing Advanced Practice Cum Laude Degree for Zambian Student

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Top student in UKZN’s Bachelor of Nursing Advanced Practice degree class of 2014 is cum laude graduate, Ms Bupe Mwamba of Zambia.

Ms Ashleigh Trend graduates all smiles.

Best Biokinetics Objective Structured Physical Exam Student

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Graduate Ms Ashleigh Trend is UKZN’s Sport Science degree’s Best Biokinetics Objective Structured Physical Exam (OSPE) student.

Ms Domonique de Klerk graduates as top Occupational Therapy student.

Service to others Vital for High Achieving Occupational Therapy Graduate

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Serving others is high on the list of priorities for Ms Domonique de Klerk (22) of Pietermaritzburg, who was awarded her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree cum laude as well as numerous academic awards.

Ms Nontobeko Nsele graduates as Best Final Year Optometry student.

Nontobeko Nsele Graduates as UKZN’s Top Optometry Student

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It was a very proud day for Ms Nontobeko Nsele when she graduated cum laude and as UKZN’s top Optometry student.