20 May 2022
Volume: 10
Issue: 21
PhD in Health Sciences recipient Dr Ntsikelelo Pefile.

Employment Outcomes for Persons with Spinal Cord Injuries Focus of PhD Research

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Current interventions, factors, barriers, and facilitators influencing employment outcomes for persons with spinal cord injuries (PWSCI) in KwaZulu-Natal were investigated for a doctoral degree.

Cum laude graduate Ms Lerisha Dabi.

Top Achiever Slot for Optometry Honours Graduate

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‘I always worked overtime and prayed to do well in my degree, but never imagined I would be a top achiever!’

Dr Ian Mbano graduated with a PhD in Medical Sciences.

Study Identifies Cells Responsible for Tissue Damage in TB-Infected Lungs

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A doctoral study examined the profile of lung cells of individuals who had tuberculosis (TB) at a single cell resolution to determine which cells are involved in lung tissue damage as well as granuloma formation in human lung tissue infected by the disease.

Cum laude graduate Ms Nompumelelo Gumede accompanied by parents, Mrs Nomusa and Mr Sakhile Gumede.

Graduate Describes her Unbridled Joy

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Ms Nompumelelo Gumede on achieving a cum laude Master’s degree in Medical Science (Physiology) said: ‘This accomplishment brings me tears of joy. Sometimes I scream internally: Girl, you did it! My master’s study was interesting but challenging - when I submitted my dissertation I was mentally and physically exhausted.

Summa cum laude achievements for Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates.

22 Pharmacy Students Graduate Summa Cum Laude

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A total of 22 BPharm students graduated summa cum laude at UKZN’s Autumn ceremonies.

Dr Oluwaseun Faborode received a PhD in Health Sciences (Physiology).

Exposure to Trauma can Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease - Study Finding

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Suffering trauma can result in contracting Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), according to the findings of a doctoral study.

Dr Usri Ibrahim graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutics.

PhD in Pharmaceutics for Sudanese Student

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Design and Synthesis of Smart Biomaterials for the Development of Multifunctional Stimuli-Responsive Antibiotic Nano-Delivery Systems, was the title of a study by Dr Usri Ibrahim of the Sudan.

Dr Jessica Paken graduated with a PhD in Audiology.

PhD Research Investigates Feasibility of Ototoxicity Monitoring Programme for Cervical Cancer Sufferers Receiving Cisplatin Chemotherapy

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The feasibility of implementing an audiological monitoring programme for women suffering from a loss of hearing due to cisplatin chemotherapy they receive for cervical cancer was investigated in a doctoral study by UKZN academic, Dr Jessica Paken.

PhD in Speech-Language Therapy recipient Dr Thiani Pillay.

Dysphagia Therapist Graduates with PhD in Speech-Language Therapy

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Research by a doctoral candidate explored the nature of clinical reasoning in dysphagia (swallowing) rehabilitation with a specific focus on service provision in low-middle income context (LMIC) populations, including those in South Africa.

Dr Nireshnee Ramchundar graduated with a PhD in Pharmacy.

Research into Traditional Medicine Practices to Treat Fractures

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A study into traditional medicine remedies used in South Africa and New Zealand to treat fractures earned Dr Nireshnee Ramchundar a PhD in Pharmacy.

Top achieving Physiotherapy graduates, Mr Sunvir Lakhan (left) and Ms Andiswa Nzimande.

Top Three Physiotherapy Achievers

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A cum laude Bachelor of Physiotherapy Honours graduate’s interest in the profession was sparked after her uncle was hurt in a car accident and needed treatment by a Physiotherapist.

Dr Nerolen Soobryan received a PhD in Health Sciences (Physiology).

Maternal and Foetal Health Focus of Doctoral Study

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Research into maternal and foetal health concentrating on hypertensive pregnancy disorders such as pre-eclampsia and gestational hypertension secured Dr Nerolen Soobryan a PhD in Health Sciences (Physiology).

An elated Dr Bukola Rukayat Omotoso graduated with a PhD in Health Sciences (Anatomy).

Doctoral Study Investigates Neuroanatomy of Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck

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Dr Bukola Rukayat Omotoso of Nigeria was awarded a PhD in Health Sciences (Anatomy) for her study that investigated the Neuroanatomy of the Vertebral Arteries - Major Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry graduate Dr Akinpelu Ibrahim Olayinka.

Nigerian Student Graduates with PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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Identifying Possible Antitubercular Drug Candidates Targeting mtb-ftsz - a Computational Perspective, was the title of research which earned Nigerian student, Dr Akinpelu Ibrahim Olayinka a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences recipient Dr Victoria Oluwaseun Fasiku.

PhD Study Shows Potential of Natural Polymers in Delivering Antibiofilm Agents

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Intensive research on alternative drug delivery systems for biofilm eradication was rewarded when Dr Victoria Oluwaseun Fasiku was awarded a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr Nawras Osman graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutics.

Doctoral Degree Increases Graduate’s Self-Confidence

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‘This degree will help me carve out a good career teaching in pharmacy schools at universities. I am very glad that I was successful - the sense of accomplishment has increased my self-confidence.’

Cum laude graduate Mr Livashin Naidu.

Master’s Degree Cum Laude for Former UKZN Staffer

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Former UKZN staff member, Mr Livashin Naidu was awarded a cum laude Master’s degree in Medical Sciences (Anatomy) for research using a dual methodology - endoscopic and radiological - to assess the frontal sinus drainage pathway.