30 July 2014 Volume :2 Issue :40

Building a Giving Foundation!

Building a Giving Foundation!
UKZN Foundation and Alumni Affairs staff creating the culture of giving on Mandela Day, one food item at a time!

The UKZN Foundation Trust in partnership with Alumni Affairs recently honoured the Mandela Day “Giving Legacy” with a novel approach - collecting groceries valued at R67 from each of its staff members to present to an organisation in need.  

‘Foundation staff must lead by example in building a culture of giving at the University,’ said Acting Foundation Executive Director, Professor Jane Meyerowitz. 

Building a culture of sustainable giving lies at the heart of the UKZN Foundation’s core values.

By honouring the Mandela Day legacy, the Foundation seeks closer collaboration from its corporate donors, alumni and friends, in building an outstanding university and a more successful, prosperous nation.

The groceries were handed over to the Mater Populi AIDS hospice in Wentworth. 

Rudi Kimmie

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