18 July 2019 Volume :7 Issue :38

Fulbright Scholarships Awarded to Education Academics

Fulbright Scholarships Awarded to Education Academics
Dr Zanele Ndlovu and Dr Cedric Mpungose.

Two academics at the School of Education, Dr Cedric Mpungose and Dr Zanele Ndlovu have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships to attend Denver University in Colorado in the United States next year.

Ndlovu, who will conduct innovative research in the field of Mathematics education while in the US, is currently funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) for study on the use of error analysis to improve pre-service mathematics subject matter knowledge.

She will also analyse data collection since 2017 from three teacher training institutions in KwaZulu-Natal and write papers based on her findings.

‘This is a chance for me to develop networks with international scholars and become a renowned scholar myself,’ said Ndlovu. ‘I believe there are still gaps in knowledge production in the field of mathematics education and hope through the scholarship to be able to generate research to contribute and bridge the gap.’

Mpungose will focus on the use of technology-based platforms such as Moodle and emerging platforms like ZOOM, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype for research as well as teaching and learning. ‘Visiting the research group in Denver will also assist in building international relations,’ he said.

He hopes to promote African scholarship by positioning his research to draw first from African experience before the global experience of using technology-based environments. 

Words: Melissa Mungroo

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