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UKZN Employee Helps Author Book

UKZN Employee Helps Author Book
Mr Mandla Ndaba and Ms Silungile Mavundla with the best seller: Killing Half a Woman - the Woman of Resilience.Click here for isiZulu version

UKZN’s Student Governance and Leadership Development Officer, Mr Mandla Ndaba, assisted author, Ms Silungile Mavundla, write and publish her first book: Killing Half a Woman - the Woman of Resilience.

Ndaba, affectionately known as “Doctor Ndaba” to students because of his enormous contributions towards the development of his community and students, is currently pursuing his second Master’s in Leadership at UKZN and is a published author himself.

Mavundla, a Human Resources Manager and entrepreneur who grew up in Clermont, Durban, has themed the book along the lines of her own early life story which begins with her being repeatedly sexually abused by her uncle from the age of 10. The story continues with her being raped in high school.

Published in February this year, the book has sold just over 400 copies, says Mavundla.

‘I felt like I had been slain by my attackers - but I rose up,’ said Mavundla while speaking about the sexual abuse she suffered in her youth. ‘Rape no longer defines me but my resilience does,’ she said.

Initially asked to only proof read the book, Ndaba ended up helping Mavundla through a grueling six-week production process of writing, editing and publishing the book through Grashyo Publishers. Ndaba said he felt compelled to help Mavundla tell her story, as he knew the book would leave an impact on society. ‘It was important for me to help get this story told in the interests of future generations of angry women,’ he said. 

The book is currently being turned into an audio-visual copy for persons living with disabilities and there is a possibility of it being made into a movie, she said.

Mavundla said she hopes the book would encourage and motivate readers and also open people’s eyes to abuse and help them heal from past abusive experiences. ‘Hidden things have the power to kill you but when you bring them out in the open, you stop that,’ she said.

To purchase Killing Half a Woman - the Woman of Resilience, email Mavundla at slungilem@gmail.com or phone 073 150 4753.

Words and photograph: Hlengiwe Precious Khwela

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