07 June 2019 Volume :7 Issue :32

Workshop on Measuring Marketing and Communication Efforts in Higher Education

Workshop on Measuring Marketing and Communication Efforts in Higher Education
From left: Mr Daniel Munslow, Ms Hazel Langa of UKZN, Ms Marick Hornsveld, and Mr Siyabonga Seme of UNISA, at the MACE regional workshop.

Award-winning Communications specialist and founder of MCC Consulting Mr Daniel Munslow recently facilitated a workshop under the theme: Showing a Return on Investment for Marketing and Communication Efforts in Higher Education.

The workshop was part of a regional networking and empowerment session by Marketing, Advancement and Communication in Education (MACE, KZN) hosted by the University of South Africa.

Munslow believes that outcomes-based measurement and value creation is the next step of evolution on the traditional output-based evaluation currently in use. ‘Measuring the effectiveness of communications is certainly not a straightforward exercise, but is becoming an increasingly vital element of the strategic communication cycle,’ he said.

Munslow noted there were many methods that could be deployed but that establishing baselines and determining empirically what works were critical.

‘Components to measure are awareness and understanding but also behaviour change and consequently cost effectiveness,’ he added. ‘Traditionally, measurement is the last thing that people think about - but sharing the results is what is almost always forgotten! Very often, the reason survey numbers are low is due to a historic lack of sharing of results.’

Munslow argues that without this data, executives do not take communication seriously, which heavily compromises budgets and strategic insights.

‘Businesses in the FTSE 250 all place significance on measuring the results and effect of their communication campaigns and how they lead to engagement. They are able to correlate the effectiveness of landing their marketing communication messages with improved levels of engagement, to financial performance,’ he said. 

Munslow advises that ‘this is the kind of outcome business leaders want to hear but also implement for greater returns.’

Munslow’s presentation was complemented by a workshop on preparing award winning entries for MACE Excellence Awards which is scheduled for 27 - 29 November 2019. The tips on Excellence Awards were presented by the National Chairperson of MACE, Ms Marick Hornsveld from Stellenbosch University. Hornsveld stressed the importance of measurement and evaluation of marketing efforts in order to demonstrate a return on investment.

The event was attended by communication experts from various institutions of higher learning in KwaZulu-Natal including Berea Technical College, Educor Group, MANCOSA, UKZN, Durban University of Technology, Open Learning Group and Amajuba TVET College.

Words: Melissa Mungroo

Photograph: Jo Cossavella

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