04 April 2019 Volume :7 Issue :15

Eradicating Gender Disparity in the Workplace Highlighted in Master’s Research

Eradicating Gender Disparity in the Workplace Highlighted in Master’s Research
Ms Therusha Moodley who graduated with her master’s degree cum laude.

Barriers hindering women’s rights to development and progression in the workplace was the focus of research done by Ms Therusha Moodley which saw her graduate with her Master’s degree in Labour Studies cum laude.

‘Being female and witnessing the disproportionally low level of women represented in various occupations and occupational levels fueled my desire to address these global concerns,’ said Moodley.

Through her research titled: Progression of South African Women in the Workplace: A Study of the Right to Development and Relevant Legal Framework that Underpins the Eradication of Gender Disparity in the Workplace, Moodley highlights and addresses barriers faced by women in the workplace worldwide.

The study, supervised by Ms Clydenia Stevens, examined South Africa’s current legal framework promoting gender equality, non - discrimination and fair labour practices.

‘The study highlighted South Africa’s comprehensive legal framework regulating these rights and how poor implementation of the rights nullifies the desired outcomes,’ said Moodley.

‘All women face these barriers in the workplace and we have to provide a way forward to ensure both genders coexist in the workplace without the presence of dominance or discrimination. Eradicating these entrenched barriers has the potential to elevate the standard of living of all women and, more importantly, allow them to be treated as equals to their male colleagues.’

Moodley now looks forward to completing her articles of clerkship and gaining practical experience that will assist her in pursuit of a doctorate and ultimately, a successful career in academia.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo 

Photograph: Abhi Indrarajan

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