15 November 2018 Volume :6 Issue :59

Academic Broadens her Technological Horizons

Academic Broadens her Technological Horizons
Dr Xoliswa Majola who attended the Fourth Health Innovation Summit Africa as part of her research on Big Data and Health Informatics.

Graduate School of Business and Leadership lecturer Dr Xoliswa Majola attended the Fourth Health Innovation Summit Africa in Johannesburg as part of her research on Big Data and Health Informatics.

The summit examined the role technology plays in patient empowerment, disease diagnosis and enhancing operational efficiency in medical facilities.

‘As a researcher it was a privilege for me to be part of this intellectual exchange and explore what is new, cutting-edge and will shape the future of healthcare globally,’ said Majola. ‘I learned how technology can impact a healthcare organisation in a particular way but have a totally different impact on another.’

The summit covered a range of topics including the role of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Cognitive Support in Healthcare, the Role of Technology in making the National Health Insurance Bill a success, why Internet of Medical Things is one of the biggest trends in modern healthcare, and the future of Digital Healthcare with artificial intelligence.

The summit also focused on solving Data Security Risks, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance issues that arise as a result of all these innovations.

Majola - who will spend next month at Canada’s University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UIOT) to further her research into the fourth industrial revolution, big data, health informatics and smart cities - said the summit was valuable in expanding her knowledge in this area which will be beneficial for her research.

‘The research project is aimed at improving the South African context by getting new knowledge on Big Data which is one of our research flagships as UKZN and health Informatics through exploring the best practices in Canada and other countries. I will be collaborating on this project with two great scholars, one of whom has vast experience in health informatics while the other possesses extensive experience in leadership, decision making and leveraging Big Data in VUCA contexts,’ said Majola.

‘We are living in a continually evolving digital age. Researching technology is interesting and I have stretched myself in extending my knowledge in this field, which has not been easy but definitely worth it. What I learned and continue to learn will assist me in adding new content to the modules I teach as well as guiding students with interesting research areas they can explore because as academics we need to reflect that we are conscious our curriculum needs to change with the times. This is especially important for students who occupy strategic positions in both the public and private sectors as they can use what they learn in class to make informed choices in their leadership positions in the different sectors which are crucial to the country’s development,’ she said.

Words: Lungile Ngubelanga 

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