24 August 2018 Volume :6 Issue :38

Social Sciences Student Awarded 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund Scholarship

Social Sciences Student Awarded 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund Scholarship
Ms Katherine Anderson who received UKZN’s 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund Scholarship.

Social Sciences student, Ms Katherine Anderson, was awarded UKZN’s 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund Scholarship for her outstanding academic achievement during her first year of study.

‘My family and I have been overwhelmed by the awarding of this scholarship. I have worked very hard and consistently because I know the sacrifices they have made to enable me to study further. Hard work always pays off and my parents are so proud of me,’ she said.

Anderson is grateful for the scholarship and is now more motivated to excel academically. ‘Scholarships are important because they allow one opportunities that may not be possible and creates a sense of pride and honour. The impossible made possible,’ she said.

Speaking about her high school academic years, Anderson was awarded an Academic and Dance Scholarship to attend Crawford College in La Lucia. ‘I am so grateful to my educators who taught me above all to think outside the box. They helped nurture me into the person I have become today. We were taught that “every child is a masterpiece”.’

At Crawford College, she received many awards for academics and dance including Junior and Senior Colours for Academics and Honours for Dance, which is her absolute passion. She was also in the top five from Grades 8-12.

Anderson plans to pursue her postgraduate studies in the future. Advising other students, she said, ‘Don’t take things for granted especially when you have been blessed with many opportunities. Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.’

Words: Melissa Mungroo 

Photograph: Supplied

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