08 August 2018 Volume :6 Issue :36

Connecting with One’s Inner Being Through Yoga

Connecting with One’s Inner Being Through Yoga
Finding inner peace with yoga.

UKZN recently hosted a yoga class led by Yunnie Khor Tien Tien and Dr Ashish Kanhed in support of team members Atal Gill and Jerusha Ramdeo who are students in University. This session was open to the entire University community. 

According to Kanhed, who is a post-doctoral researcher in health science at the University, yoga brings participants back to their original beings in which harmony and joy are dominant. Basically Yoga is the union of the body, mind, spirit and the Universe.

Kanhed, who is also a member of The Art of Living NGO where he is a yoga instructor, says the aim of yoga is to overcome all kinds of suffering and bring about holistic health, happiness and harmony in life.

‘Somehow in today’s time yoga is wrongly considered as only physical postures whereas the main teaching of yoga is maintaining equanimous state of mind with healthy body. Yoga is skill in action and expression,’ said Kanhed, adding that The Art of Living have designed a Youth Happiness Course which is ideal for university students. ‘The course is structured for student development with participants learning about time management and how to enhance concentration skills which can be used during exam time to help combat stress and anxiety,’ he said. To this Kanhed added, in Art of Living we teach powerful breathing technique known as ‘Sudarshan Kriya Yoga’ which helps to overcome stress and anxiety and helps to develops confidence, clarity of mind and improves capacity to handle negative emotions.’

Kanhed said, The Art of Living – Happiness course is for all above 17 years age, where we teach mainly Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and meditation. The session also includes games and fun activities. For universities we have specially designed Youth Special Happiness Course. For more information one can contact Dr Kanhed on mobile / WhatsApp: +27 611320177 (Email: ashishvmk@gmail.com).

Words and photographs: Nokubonga Nomasiko Jele 

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