18 July 2018 Volume :6 Issue :33

Learning the ABCs of PhD Proposal Writing

Learning the ABCs of PhD Proposal Writing
PhD students attend research proposal writing workshop.

The School of Built Environment and Development Studies (BEDS) recently hosted a workshop for PhD students who are in the process of writing their proposals.

The workshop aimed to assist students with their proposal development by providing them with the necessary insights required for their write-up.

Students also presented their study to the academics in the School who provided them with valuable insights and suggestions to improve on their research study.

This annual workshop is sponsored by Professor Pranitha Maharaj, SARChI Chair in Economic Development.

As part of the week-long workshop, students were introduced to the role of theory; conceptual framework; theoretical framework; undertaking a literature review; qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches; time management; referencing; plagiarism as well as using the EndNote programme.

PhD student, Ms Virginia Makanza, whose research looks into service delivery in urban local authorities in Zimbabwe, felt the workshop was relevant and vital for postgraduate students. β€˜This is needed for PhD students so we know how to structure and write our proposals. It also allows us to get comments about our research and how to improve on the data collection methods,’ she said.

Mr Joseph Daitai whose research looked into social protection in Masingo, chose UKZN to do his PhD because β€˜it is ranked highly in terms of research and has always been my first choice.’

The students will now apply what they have learned from the workshop to their research.

Words and photograph: Melissa Mungroo 

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