10 April 2014 Volume :2 Issue :18

Adrenal Lesions the Subject of Master of Medicine Thesis

Adrenal Lesions the Subject of Master of Medicine Thesis
Dr Vanesha Naidu graduated with an MMED in Radiology.

Dr Vanesha Naidu graduated with her Master of Medicine degree in Radiology with a thesis titled: “Adrenal lesions encountered in current medical practice - a review of their radiological imaging”.

Modern radiological techniques have altered the way adrenal lesions are currently being investigated. The modern radiologist has been projected to the forefront in the management of adrenal disease due to adrenal lesions being discovered from the increasing use of cross-sectional imaging in radiological studies carried out for non-adrenal related conditions. This occurrence is called the “adrenal incidentaloma”.

Naidu’s study discussed the imaging modalities which are available for the characterisation of these lesions, highlighting the current concepts and controversies in differentiating benign (a condition that is harmless in the long run) from malignant pathology (a condition that grows progressively worse over time).

Naidu also provided a brief overview of the spectrum of adrenal pathology commonly encountered in the adult population. ‘More and more adrenal lesions are being detected incidentally in radiological examinations performed for other abdominal, non-adrenal related conditions (the so-called “incidentalomas”). Many of these lesions can be malignant and life threatening. This poses a huge diagnostic challenge to the radiologist, clinician and patient alike.’

Her study aimed to explore these many diagnostic and therapeutic challenges encountered in daily practice. ‘I evaluated the characteristic radiological features of adrenal incidentalomas that are commonly encountered, and provided an integrated, comprehensive and pragmatic approach to incidentally detected adrenal lesions, which can assist both the clinician and radiologist in their daily practice.’

Naidu is currently working on a collaborative project investigating the radiological changes related to HIV lipodystrophy.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and photography. ‘As a Radiologist, I’m constantly surrounded with images, and photography seems a natural extension. With the recent completion of my MMed, I’ve finally found time to pursue this hobby more vigorously and have just completed a six-week photography course.’

-        Zakia Jeewa

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