25 September 2013 Volume :1 Issue :3

Farmers Support Group at Msinga Arbor Day

Farmers Support Group at Msinga Arbor Day
Members of the Gudwini Indigenous Forest Rehabilitation Group.

The Farmers Support Group (FSG), in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and the Gudwini Indigenous Forest Rehabilitation Group in Msinga, recently joined forces to organise an Arbor Day event.

The event - integrated into the Spring Day celebrations held at Macingwana Secondary School - was planned to celebrate the importance of indigenous trees as well as to raise awareness about the sustainable use of natural resources in the area.

FSG is implementing the Stimulating Community Initiatives in Sustainable Land Management (SCI-SLM) centered around identifying innovative forms of combatting desertification within local communities.

SCI-SLM is a community-led initiative which focuses on land, water and plant resources in these communities to enable community members to demonstrate their capacity to create internal solutions to address land degradation.

‘Such events are important to FSG, because viable and feasible interventions that capacitate the communities to manage their natural resources in a sustainable manner are needed for their livelihoods and survival,’ said Ms Zanele Shezi, Project Facilitator at FSG. ‘Interventions should empower and encourage community members to have a say and put sustainable resource management into practice.’

-          Zanele Shezi

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