28 February 2018 Volume :6 Issue :5

UKZN Graduate in the Perfume Business

UKZN Graduate in the Perfume Business
Former UKZN Enactus President Mr Sethu Sidzamba and his fragrance range.

Raised and nurtured by his grandparents who were street vendors, UKZN graduate Mr Sethu Sidzamba would never have dreamed in his childhood days that by being a member of a family unit which sold sweets, fruit and vegetables in Soweto he was acquiring business practice knowledge that would serve him well in later years.

Sidzamba, who now has his own successful company which manufactures and distributes perfume and cologne called Wa Azania Aroma, says he also benefitted enormously from being President of the UKZN Enactus team in 2013.

During his term he had to cultivate strategic thinking to overcome challenges to ensure his team remained afloat and sustainable. The experiences shaped his outlook and perception of life, his ability to work with teams and improved his communication and interpersonal skills, all combining to lay a firm foundation that led to the launch of his business.

He says that business foundation still plays a vital role in his career successes today. 

Sethu holds three qualifications from UKZN - a Certificate in Business Management, a Bachelor of Administration in Supply Chain and Public Administration degree and a BCom (Honours) in Supply Chain Management degree. 

His accomplishments include being an alumnus of the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, receiving the KwaZulu-Natal Young Achiever Award in Rural Development, and representing the Social Entrepreneurship sector at the Sweden Global Business Week held at the University of Sweden in 2014.

Sethu said Wa Azania Aroma employed 25 sales agents doing business in South Africa and Swaziland offering a wide range of oil-based perfumes and colognes.

The company’s manufacturing processes involve sterilisation of the bottles and the use of formulas for blending the essential oils, liquids and compounds to create Wa Azania Aroma products.

Sethu said he was proud of providing employment for the agents thus giving them an opportunity to hone their business skills as well as improve their standard of living.

Words: Lydia Mafatle

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