01 November 2017 Volume :5 Issue :58

Second Year Nursing Students Visit Medical Device Company

Second Year Nursing Students Visit Medical Device Company
Second-year Nursing students and their lecturer Dr Mbali Mhlongo with BSN medical’s Occupational Health Nurse, Sister Christine Ludik.

A group of 80 Nursing students visited BSN medical in Pinetown as a practical experience in their Occupational Health Nursing studies.

BSN medical is a global medical device company and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the product segments of casting, bandaging, traditional wound care and compression therapy.

Students and their lecturer Dr Mbali Mhlongo - a facilitator for 2nd year Bachelor of Nursing students and a Developing Research Innovation, Localisation and Leadership (DRILL) Fellow - were welcomed by BSN’s Human Resources Operations Officer, Ms Carryn Coward, who gave them a brief overview and history of the company.

BSN medical’s Occupational Health Nurse, Sister Christine Ludik, addressed students on the main pillars of occupational health nursing which she identified as hazard identification and risks assessments (HIRA); surveillance and biological monitoring; chronic disease management,  incapacity management  and the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Ludik explained the importance of risk assessment and hazard identification. ‘As an occupational health nurse it is important to do regular rounds of inspection in the factory to identify hazards employees may be exposed to while also doing risk assessment.’

She said she conducted pre-employment, periodical and exit medical examinations for staff and ran a very busy primary healthcare clinic as only 20% of staff are on medical aid schemes.

Ludik also organises a chronic disease management programme in partnership with the Pinetown Clinic and Medi-post which assists in reducing absenteeism as chronic medication is delivered on site.

The students enjoyed the talk and were highly impressed with occupational health nursing as a career. ‘It was a fabulous experience for us as Nursing students,’ said Mr Clovis Dusabe, the class representative. 

Students were then taken for a plant tour to view operations in progress. ‘We explored various sites where medical appliances are manufactured,’ said Dusabe, who thanked BSN medical officials and Dr Mhlongo for making the visit possible.

‘It was a learning experience and a wonderful exposure for the students who were excited to wear personal protective equipment during the plant tour,’ said Mhlongo.

Words: Nombuso Dlamini

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