27 October 2017 Volume :5 Issue :57

Students Challenged to Think Entrepreneurially at IBS Awards

Students Challenged to Think Entrepreneurially at IBS Awards
IBS presentation participants and award winning group.

The School of Accounting, Economics and Finance recently hosted the annual Integrated Business Studies (IBS) presentation and awards ceremony for first year Business Science students.

The event provided students with a platform to present their business ideas in front of panellist judges, namely: Teaching and Learning Academic Leader Ms Shelley Donnelley and event sponsors, Business Partners, an organisation which provides funding for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Donnelley welcomed the students and Business Partners’ Regional Consulting Manager Mr Jay Soma and National Asset Manager Mr Avinash Sanichur. She emphasised the importance of IBS as a module and how it will benefit the students in the long run.

‘IBS is the capstone module for the business science programme. No other students on this campus does this module. I am sure you’ve been thinking it’s such a lot of hard work but I assure you once you get to the end of your qualification, you are going to look back and thank goodness you did it, because it is going to stand you in such good step with all the writing and critical thinking you are going to be doing in the three years of your university career,’ said Donnelley.

The two groups who presented on the day were proficient and showcased their ability to transfer the theoretical knowledge they learnt in class into practical exercises.

The winning group Goganic, had presented a business idea of a mobile fast food business that promotes healthy eating at a reasonable price. The individual prize winners included:

To conclude the day, Soma gave the two groups feedback on how to improve their business ideas within the main business functions namely; finance, human resources, marketing, research and development and operations management.

IBS lecturer and event co-ordinator Mr Kenneth Ngwenya said the module focuses on introducing students to the business environment through participative teaching and learning.

‘The class of 2017 has excelled in all the key assessment variables, they have mastered the ability to present their ideas confidently and above all to respond to any academic assessment. The event was indeed a success as all the students were adequately prepared,’ he said.

Words: Sibonelo Shinga

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