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Team UKZN Supports Comrades 2017 Runners

Team UKZN Supports Comrades 2017 Runners
Team UKZN in high spirits at Comrades 2017.

Some members of Team UKZN have lost their voices, others have sore bodies from dancing. None ran Comrades. But each screamed their hearts out and worked tirelessly to support our beloved 2017 runners in the ultimate race of human endurance.

For the fifth consecutive year, Team UKZN maintained high spirits in the dark wintry morning, working in full force to set up Station 18 at Botha’s Hill in readiness for the sea of runners who were to come their way in the following hours.

Red and white lined the roads as staff and students ensured that runners were rejuvenated through drinks and snacks and motivated as they made their way towards the finish line. Physiotherapy students efficiently attended to weary legs, invigorating the runners and offering a short reprieve before they continued pounding the roads once more towards the end of the gruelling 88 kilometre race.

UKZN’s music man Tintin Pillay had the Team on their feet dancing, keeping local residents entertained and runners smiling in appreciation for the motivation and support.  ‘Being part of the UKZN family and encouraging our runners is what it is all about. UKZN thrives on greatness and our runners exemplify that. That is why we are here – to remind them that they can do it!’ he said.

Veteran Comrades runner Mr Tony Singarum finished his 22nd Comrades and attributed his finish to Team UKZN. ‘When I rounded the corner and saw the ‘Inspiring Greatness’ logo, I felt such joy because a part of me felt that I was home with my people and that I could stop. But then, I received so much love and energy from the cheering that I felt like the actual winner and decided then that I must push on. I wouldn’t have done it without you all’.

UKZN congratulates South African runner Bongmusa Mthembu who secured his second career victory at the Comrades Marathon in a time 5:35:34. In the women’s contest, American athlete Camille Herron bagged her maiden Comrades title in a time of 6:27:35.

‘Staff and students worked tirelessly and with dedication to boost all our runners and ensure that the day was a great success. Congratulations to all who ran and best wishes for the next race,’ said Ms Normah Zondo, the Acting Executive Director: Corporate Relations.

The University community are invited to join the UKZN Athletics Club which caters for Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Running. The club caters for runners from recreational beginners to competitive elite in distances from park runs (5km) to ultra-marathons.

See all the highlights of UKZN’s participation in Comrades 2017 on our UKZN Facebook and Instagram pages.

Rakshika Sibran

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