04 May 2017 Volume :5 Issue :24

First Post-Doctoral Student in UKZN Physiotherapy Discipline

First Post-Doctoral Student in UKZN Physiotherapy Discipline
Dr Kaka Bashir.

The College of Health Sciences’ Physiotherapy discipline has welcomed its first post-doctoral student - Dr Kaka Bashir of Nigeria.

Bashir will work on his project which is examining the effect of rebound exercise and circuit training on musculoskeletal symptoms and selected biochemical and psychosocial parameters among individuals with type 2 diabetic mellitus.

‘I chose to do my project at UKZN on the advice of colleagues; Dr Jibril M Nuhu and Dr Awotidebe Taofiq,’ said Bashir.

‘Nuhu, the first PhD graduate in UKZN’s Physiotherapy discipline, told me so much about the University in terms of research output and so on.’

Bashir’s research interest is in musculoskeletal pain among diabetic mellitus patients, prevention and management. ‘Diabetic mellitus is on the increase globally with so many complications and musculoskeletal disorders and is one of the neglected complications.

‘So this research focuses on the identification of causes, prevention and management.’

In the study, type 2 Diabetic mellitus patients with musculoskeletal pain will be randomised into three groups. The first group will receive rebound exercise, the second circuit training, and the third normal care.

Bashir said measurement would be carried out at the baseline and at the end of the programme, ‘The following parameters will be measured - pain level, blood glycaemic level including HbA1c and fasting blood sugar, the  lipid profile of each participant, serotonin levels and the quality of life. At the end of the trial we would be able to see whether the serotonin level is implicated in development of musculoskeletal pain and whether these particular exercises are effective in reducing the symptoms and improved the quality of life.’

Supervised by Dr Sonil Maharaj, Bashir believes his study is novel. ‘To the best of my knowledge it’s a first in Africa.’

Bashir enjoys meeting new people and sharing ideas. ‘Believing in myself, hard work and dedication keep me going.’

He is married with two young children.

Nombuso Dlamini

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