04 May 2017 Volume :5 Issue :24

Nursing Students Take Part in Spirit of Adventure Event

Nursing Students Take Part in Spirit of Adventure Event
Bachelor of Nursing second-year students at the Spirit of Adventure.

Second-year Bachelor of Nursing students took part in a Spirit of Adventure team building exercise with professional service staff and academics.

The event involved the use of outdoor adventure to promote personal and interpersonal growth.

Lecturer Dr Mbali Mhlongo said: ‘The course was designed to emphasise leadership, teambuilding and personal development. The students spent a weekend at the campsite.

‘The programme is held annually to assist learners to cope with group work, which drives all the projects at second year level,’ said Mhlongo.

The students also got the chance to spend some time with staff in a more relaxed environment, participating in different kinds of outdoor activities, including team development theory, group dynamics, a mini assault course, snake pit adventures, abseilling, raft building and relay racing.

‘In addition, team building was strengthened by exposing groups to campfire cooking where they prepared a chicken potjie. The instructors were kind, helpful, friendly and caring,’ said class representative, Mr Clovis Dusabe.

‘We were able to learn from each other and to build team work dynamics.  Importantly, we managed to overcome any fear for many activities we have never performed before,’ added Dusabe.

Nombuso Dlamini

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