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MMedSci Student Publishes Four Manuscripts within a Year

MMedSci Student Publishes Four Manuscripts within a Year
Mr John Mogaka.

Public Health Medicine MMedSci student in the College of Health Sciences, Mr John Mogaka, has published several systematic scoping review manuscripts within a year of registering for his studies.

Mogaka, who believes there is little documented evidence of medical tourism (MT) in Africa, said: ‘This knowledge gap motivated me to do a study of this aspect. The first component of my study comprised a systematic scoping review of literature on medical tourism in Africa. Findings from this study, done over a one-year period, formed the basis of six papers: four journal publications and two conference presentations.’

Mogaka, a Kenyan national who lives in Botswana, published his first paper: “The Role, Structure and Effect of Medical Tourism in Africa”, with Mr BMJ Open.

‘This paper presents a systematic scoping review as a methodology for painting a large picture of medical tourism in Africa through the synthesis of vast amounts of literature on the subject, as applied in my study,’ said Mogaka.

According to Mogaka, the paper promotes the suitability of the scoping review methodology as the ideal platform for synthesising literature which has individual and collective methodological approaches, settings, study populations and participants.

‘In addition, the paper offers a balanced and objective methodological analysis of the systematic scoping review as a methodology for synthesising extant literature, by identifying and discussing its inherent limitations.’

Supervised by Professor Joyce Tsoka- Gwegweni, he also published: “Effects of Medical Tourism on Health Systems in Africa”, in the African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure (AJHTL).

‘This paper presents evidence of MT in Africa and critically discusses its role and effects on the region’s healthcare systems,’ said Mogaka.

The third paper: “Geo-Location and Range of Medical Tourism Services in Africa”, was also published in the AJHTL.

‘This paper explores the structure of MT in Africa in terms of medical procedures availed through MT and their geo-distribution in Africa, and identifies key medical tourism actors and players in the region.’

His fourth article: “Ethical Issues Associated with Medical Tourism in Africa”, was published in the Journal of Market Access and Health Policy (JMA&HP).

Mogaka presented papers titled: Medical Tourism in Africa: Human Rights and Medical Ethics Perspectives, and The Role and Effects of Medical Tourism on Health Systems in Africa at the annual South African Young Scientists’ Conference and the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health Research Day.

‘My supervisor has been of great assistance content wise and administratively. But, I also benefited greatly from Dr Tivani Mashamba-Thomson’s knowledge on systematic scoping reviews,’ said Mogaka.

He is currently working on the second component of the study for his PhD which will touch on challenges faced by MT stakeholders in southern Africa, including healthcare access through medical tourism, medical technologies and associated health ethics.

Mogaka is married to Lucia and they have three children.  ‘My family is so supportive, allowing me ample “writing space”.  My wife, who is also a PHD student, has been a source of cheer and inspiration,’ he added.

Nombuso Dlamini

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