10 April 2017 Volume :5 Issue :16

Newcastle Graduate First Medical Doctor in His Family

Newcastle Graduate First Medical Doctor in His Family
Dr Lindokuhle Wiseman Ndaba is the first medical doctor in his family.

Medical graduate, Dr Lindokuhle Wiseman Ndaba, became the first doctor in his family after he obtained his degree cum laude.

Ndaba, who completed his matric at a local farm school in Osizweni in Newcastle, said his family was extremely proud of his achievement, ‘This has been the cherry on top for me.  Completing my degree and being the first doctor in my family,’ he said proudly.

‘It is difficult to explain how elated I am completing my degree cum laude. It is great that my years of consistent hard work have been recognised with this honour,’ said Ndaba.

‘This result has opened my mind to what is possible when you channel your energy towards a specific goal and consistently put in the work towards realising that goal. It has shown me that possibilities are endless,’ he added.

Ndaba’s future plans includes specialising as a physician and then obtaining his PhD, ‘I want to groom future doctors and make a lasting contribution in the field of internal medicine.’

The need to raise the bar for his family and to show them what they are capable of if they put in the work keeps Ndaba motivated.

‘These marks aren’t everything. Don’t let marks on a piece of paper define you or your self-worth, rather focus on improving yourself every day.

‘Remember your best is always good enough. If you know in your heart of hearts you have given it your all, then that is all that matters. Do whatever works for you,’ said Ndaba.

Nombuso Dlamini

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