05 April 2017 Volume :5 Issue :10

No More Sleepless Nights for Honours Graduate!

No More Sleepless Nights for Honours Graduate!
School of Education staff member Ms Nontuthuzelo Mkhize, graduates with a Bachelor of Education Honours degree.

‘I feel so much better now all those sleepless nights are in the past. I also feel empowered as a woman in a democratic South Africa.’ 

So said Ms Nontuthuzelo Mkhize, a staff member in the School of Education, after graduating with a Bachelor of Education Honours degree. 

Mkhize’s research explored learners’ experiences of reading and critically reflecting on the challenges second language learners experience in reading and comprehending. 

‘The aim of my research is to find a way to help learners make meaning of the texts they are presented with every day in school. The project is expected to provide a better understanding of learners’ experiences of reading in Business Studies classrooms. 

The findings from her research indicates that most Business Management learners who are English first additional language learners are disadvantaged because they become accustomed to learning in their mother tongue and are forced to switch to a second language only in intermediate phase. 

This, Mkhize believes, will make it difficult for learners to comprehend English textbooks at that level of competence. ‘It is then important that a special committee saddled with the job of providing sound language foundation to second language learners is set up.’ 

‘I believe it will help any second language learner engage with their reading experience and cope with possible challenges, especially when everyone gets involved, from the language teacher, other teachers irrespective of the subject, the School Governing Body and parents,’ said Mkhize. 

Speaking about her support system during her studies, she said: ‘My family, especially my husband, were so supportive as were my friends. They encouraged me offering moral support. 

‘It was not easy but my faith in God and the love I got from my family kept the balance. I dedicate this work to my family especially my husband, my daughters and my siblings who made my academic journey bearable and meaningful. I love them all.’ 

Mkhize, who plans to do a master’s degree, advised other students to work hard and aim for success. 

Melissa Mungroo

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