15 April 2016 Volume :4 Issue :15

Hard Work the Answer, Says Summa Cum Laude Graduate

Hard Work the Answer, Says <em>Summa Cum Laude</em> Graduate
Ms Danell Brand.

Bachelor of Nursing candidate, Ms Danell Brand (23), was a top achiever in her discipline, graduating summa cum laude.

Brand said she was grateful to have had an opportunity to study and to do so to the best of her abilities.

‘Obtaining my degree gives me the courage and confidence I will need to further my academic career as it serves as proof that the right mind set in addition to hard work and commitment, pays off.’ 

She hopes to do postgraduate studies once she has completed practical experience in the clinical field.

‘Constantly reminding myself that there is room for improvement, drives me to do so under difficult circumstances and it is this kind of mind set that keeps me going in all aspects of life,’ said Brand.

She advised those still studying to put in a 100% from day one. ‘Every test and assignment you prepare for and complete ultimately prepares you for examinations. Hard work and commitment throughout the year means that you are already prepared for three-quarters of your examinations.’

Brand, the younger of two daughters in her family, was raised by her mother who enforced the values she has today.

‘Even though I was never showered with material riches, I am blessed to have a small support system at home consisting of family and close friends.’

 ‘The thing I value most about my time at UKZN is the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made. At UKZN I was privileged to interact with numerous people from different backgrounds and not only did I learn more about social relationships but I believe the experience has taught me a great deal about myself as well.’

She earned numerous Certificates of Merit from UKZN.

Nombuso Dlamini

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