15 April 2016 Volume :4 Issue :15

Occupational Therapy Students Graduate Cum Laude

Occupational Therapy Students Graduate <em>Cum Laude</em>
Ms Fatima Moola and Ms Tamlyn Wanless.

UKZN’s Discipline of Occupational Therapy (OT) salutes students, Ms Fatima Moola, Ms Tamlyn Wanless and Ms Zaakira Fakroodeen, who all graduated cum laude.

The trio said it was humbling to graduate as top students in their discipline, however the entire class had worked hard which had helped them reach this significant milestone.

Occupational Therapy is an extremely challenging field of study because it tests you both physically and psychologically, said Moola, a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society who matriculated among the top 30 in the KwaZulu-Natal Association of Muslim Schools.

‘I feel grateful to the Almighty for blessing me. This is definitely not something that I expected, so I’m quite surprised,’ said Fakroodeen.

Fakroodeen said she loved the profession because it provided opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those who have some sort of disadvantage. Prayer, family, her classmates and amazing support from her final-year research group are what kept her going.

‘I knew I had worked really hard throughout my studies but it was still a great surprise and proud moment when I found out that I am graduating cum laude,’ said Wanless (23), now living in Johannesburg.

Wanless was a prefect at high school, deputy head boarder, vice-netball captain and head girl of the Midlands Youth Choir. ‘I also received honours for netball, drama and singing as well as Colours for academics. Whilst at UKZN I was invited to be a member of the Golden Key Association, received a scholarship for academic achievement and was awarded six subject prizes at the end of fourth-year. 

OT Academic Leader, Professor Kitty Uys said: ‘The discipline of Occupational Therapy is proud of these students receiving the highest accolade for their hard work over the four years of studies. I want to say that there is a direct relationship between their achievements and the quality of teaching they received.’

Lunga Memela

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