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Nursing Students Spread REACH Values

Nursing Students Spread REACH Values
Nursing students and academics promote REACH.

The REACH principles of Respect and Accountability were emphasised during a stage play on the Howard College campus by second year Nursing students.

Before the play began, the students, clad in red and yellow, described the value of lecturers, nursing professional service’s staff and students from first to fourth year.

According to student Nurse, Ms Tholakele Mkhize, accountability is taking responsibility for your actions and behaviour. ‘As a Nurse I am accountable for all my actions and I must always provide care to patients. My actions must always be to the benefit of the patient and providing care to the patient should always be a priority.

‘We all use the word respect quite often,’ said student Nurse, Mr Njabulo Khumalo. ‘But what does it mean?’ For Khumalo respect means appreciation of the worth or excellence of a person.

‘We should all respect ourselves. Each one of us is created in God’s image. Each one of us is unique, a very special creation of God, therefore each one of us should value ourselves highly and respect our elders, who include our parents, leaders of our generation and teachers. In doing so, we are respecting not only their age but their wisdom and the good they have done in society.’

The play, produced by the students with the assistance of lecturer, Mrs Silingene Ngcobo, examined how respect and accountability were central in nursing care.

It portrayed how a lack of respect for patients dehumanises them and how disrespect contributes to abuse and ill treatment.

Nursing student, Ms Skye Lee Crouch, said respect was not an emotion, ‘It is an action we perform as nurses. It is something we do to show others we value them. Showing respect is one way we can show compassion in our nursing care and bring healing to someone during a compromising time of illness and loss.’

According to Crouch, the play’s story line aimed to showcase to the audience that great nurses respect people and rules. ‘They remain impartial at all times and are mindful of confidentiality requirements and different cultures and traditions. Above all, they respect the wishes of the patient.  Nurses who respect others are highly respected in return,’ she added.

Nursing HoD, Professor Gugu Mchunu, commended the nurses’ initiative and enthusiasm in living the University’s REACH principles.

 Nombuso Dlamini

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