23 September 2015 Volume :3 Issue :44

Students Experience Life in the Workplace

Students Experience Life in the Workplace
Supply Chain Student Association members.

The Supply Chain Student Association (SCSA) recently facilitated various initiatives in an effort to bridge the gap between academia and the business world. 

The SCSA was founded by Supply Chain Management postgraduate students after an observation that final-year and postgraduate students are uninformed about what is expected of them in the working world.

One of the association’s initiatives was a site visit to shoe manufacturing business, Villa Footwear, to give second, third and fourth year students a realistic view of the value of their qualification in the supply chain industry.

‘The experience gave students an idea of the practical aspect of supply chain operations. They were able to see their study theories work in the shoe company’s operations,’ said the SCSA’s Research and Development Officer, Mr Kwanele Duma.

‘This opportunity allowed for the enlightenment of students in terms of the practical aspect of supply chain operations as they were able to transit their theory to practical aspects through practical involvement in the company operations,’ said Mr Kwanele Duma, the Associations Research and Development Officer.’

The Association also hosted a three hour seminar which created a platform for students to engage with industry experts from Standard Bank, Eduloan, Shoprite, Transnet and Vector Logistic to keep on the latest industry trends.

SCSA Mentor and Lecturer, Dr Patmond Mbhele, said the initiatives were important as they encouraged students to take ownership of their education and find solutions to the challenges faced in their studies.

‘The initiatives also allow the students to debate about global challenges facing the country such as the value of the rand and how it impacts on the supply chain. Discussions with industry experts do not only concern hearing about recruitment opportunities but are also about getting to know how the skills they learn can be used in the working world,’ said Mbhele.

Thandiwe Jumo

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