31 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :40

Another Prestigious Award for High-Performing Student

Another Prestigious Award for High-Performing Student
Ms Tayla Henry (left) received the 2015 College Deputy Vice-Chancellor Award.

The former recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship Award, third year Sports Science student Ms Tayla Henry, has received the 2015 College Deputy Vice-Chancellor Award. 

‘It was a huge surprise to get this scholarship. I certainly was not expecting it at all. However, it is humbling to know that my hard work is paying off.’

She said her family was very proud of her achievements and supported her tremendously in her studies and all aspects of life.

College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded to the three top-ranked undergraduates proceeding from second year to subsequent years of study.

To Henry the award means that all the long and tiring hours she put into her studies are paying off. ‘It shows that with hard work and a positive attitude, anything is possible.’ 

Henry plans to finish her third-year of studies at the same high academic level she is currently achieving and then graduate at the end of the year; ‘Next year I would like to study at postgraduate level to expand my knowledge further. 

‘The constant support from my family and friends certainly keeps me going. Additionally, making time for relaxation and non-academic activities keeps me balanced and on top of my game when it is time for academic work.’

She advised fellow students to consistently work hard throughout the year. ‘Even just a few minutes a day reading over notes is hugely beneficial in the long run. Ask for help straight away when unsure of a concept. I found that forming study groups is hugely valuable.’  

She thanked the funders of the scholarship for the opportunity; ‘Please continue this tradition of awarding bursaries in the years to come so other students can benefit as well.’  

She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and pets as well as reading, playing sport and coaching rhythmic gymnastics. She also enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

Henry lives with her parents and younger brother, who is in matric. ‘My father, being a teacher, instilled in me the knowledge that hard work and dedication is hugely rewarding. 

Nombuso Dlamini

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