31 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :40

Scholarship Allows Student to Reach for her Dreams!

Scholarship Allows Student to Reach for her Dreams!
Malegapuru William Makgoba Scholarship recipient, Ms Selina Konar.

The scholarship has given me the ability to complete my dream of becoming a doctor, says Malegapuru William Makgoba Scholarship recipient, Ms Selina Konar. 

The scholarship is awarded to the five top-ranked undergraduates proceeding from first-year to second-year study in each of the four Colleges. The recipients are therefore the top students among several thousand colleagues in each College of the University.   

‘Being awarded this scholarship enables me to continue with my MBChB  studies. Previously my financial constraints would have not allowed me to complete my degree,’ said Konar. ‘This scholarship has given my family the support we need to enable me to continue with my studies to become a doctor. 

She said she was grateful to UKZN for recognising her hard work, ‘This scholarship motivates me to achieve greater heights as I know that UKZN sees the potential in me.’ 

Konar says as a future doctor she wants to see illness from the patients’ perspective and not just from the disease presented. ‘I want to serve the community selflessly, build doctor patient relationships and become an advocate for health promotion. Being awarded this scholarship makes me believe in humanity. I want to be a role model to future students who aspire to become doctors. My plan is to treat all people equally irrespective of their financial background.’ 

It’s not the first time Konar has received a UKZN scholarship. When she was in Grade 11 she was awarded the Entrant Merit Scholarship. ‘I was inspired to study at the UKZN as they recognised my academic potential at a young age,’ she said.

Konar advised fellow students to identify goals in life, ‘When you understand where you want to see yourself in the future then all you need to do is work towards it. The path is always difficult and challenges will arise, however you need to be determined to reach your goal. The idea is not to compete with others; rather it’s about learning to build yourself from all experiences. The good and the bad.’  

She thanked the donors of the award, ‘I truly appreciate it as without this scholarship I might have not been able to complete my MBChB degree. In my eyes they have not just given me a scholarship, but helped fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a doctor.’ 

Nombuso Dlamini

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