31 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :40

Pius Langa Scholarship winner ‘Truly Grateful’

Pius Langa Scholarship winner ‘Truly Grateful’
MBChB student Rashmika Deeplal who received the Pius Langa Scholarship.

‘I am truly grateful for having been awarded this prestigious scholarship and it has encouraged me to continue working hard in the pursuit of excellence,’ said MBChB student Rashmika Deeplal after she received the Pius Langa Scholarship. 

‘I am grateful to the donors and appreciate their financial support to help make my educational endeavors a reality. With the high cost of tuition, books and transport, it is reassuring that other people are able to help support students in their education,’ said Deeplal. 

Pius Langa Scholarships, awarded to top performing new undergraduate entrants, are named after the renowned former Chief Justice of South Africa, the last Chancellor of the University of Natal and the first Ombud of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.   

Deeplal said she was not the only one extremely excited about receiving this scholarship. ‘My family is proud of my achievements and thankful.’  

She said the accolade not only recognised the hard work she has put into her academic career, it had also given her an opportunity to continue her success.  

‘It is more than recognition of past achievements - it is an investment in my future. It is easy to acknowledge ones past accomplishments but it is a risk to put resources into their future. The Pius Langa scholarship donors have invested their resources in my education, and for that I am grateful.’ 

After she qualifies as a doctor, Deeplal plans to use her knowledge and skills to serve and uplift her community.  

Motivation to graduate and having a positive outlook about life keeps Deeplal going combined with the unconditional support from her family and friends that provides her with the drive to achieve her academic goals. 

She advises fellow students to remember that the challenges they face are only there to prepare them for what lies ahead. ‘Maintain a positive attitude, work hard and believe you have a purpose – the rest will fall into place.’ 

The 18-year old, who matriculated at Isipingo Secondary School, enjoys reading, playing chess and swimming. ‘I am passionate about helping others and serving my community. This was my primary reason for choosing to study Medicine.’  

She lives at home with her parents and two older siblings; ‘My family is highly supportive and it is their love and encouragement that have allowed me to achieve many academic successes.’

Nombuso Dlamini

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