31 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :40

BPharm student Scoops College DVC’s Scholarship… Again!


BPharm student Ms Naeema Bayat received the College Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship at the 2015 Scholarship Awards -the second time she has won the award. 

‘I feel so blessed and fortunate, it was quite a pleasant surprise, and I honestly did not expect it again,’ said an exited Bayat. She said her family was equally surprised and shared her joy.

The College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded to the three top-ranked undergraduates proceeding from second to subsequent years of study. 

‘This scholarship means more than words can say. It’s like a gift to both me and my parents and whatever brings a smile to their faces brings a smile to mine,’ said Bayat. 

Her future plans include gaining all the knowledge and experience she can from her internship so it will help mould her into the best pharmacist she can be; ‘I hope to make a difference in the community.’ 

Prayer keeps Bayat going - ‘It helps guide me through both the good as well as the tough times and I would be lost without prayer. My family is my pillar of strength and without their support and encouragement I wouldn't be who I am. 

‘My friends are the cement that hold me together, they're always there for me and have made these for years remarkably memorable in every way.’ 

 She has this advice for other students: ‘University is not easy but I can tell you that it is what you make of it - so give of your best, believe in yourself and always keep good company. Friends are a very important part of this journey so choose them wisely. Don't ever be disheartened by any failures, everyone goes through it, trust me it only makes you a stronger person.’ 

‘I extend my appreciation to all the funders of this scholarship. They make dreams come true.’ 

Bayat comes from a close-knit family in Durban and is the eldest sibling and only daughter.  Both her parents are pharmacists and she looks up to them. 

Nombuso Dlamini

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