26 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :39

SA Institution of Civil Engineering President visits UKZN

SA Institution of Civil Engineering  President visits UKZN
SAICE President Malcom Pautz addressing students at UKZN.

The South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) President Mr Malcom Pautz addressed Civil Engineering students and staff on the Howard College campus as part of his presidential tour of the 20 branches of the institution in South Africa.

Accompanied by the CEO of the institution, Mr Manglin Pillay, and SAICE-Durban-Branch Chairman, Mr Brain Kannigadu, Pautz met staff members in the Civil Engineering Department to find out about some of the challenges and breakthroughs at the Department. He later addressed a class of about 70 Civil Engineering students who gave him a warm Durban welcome and a special gift - a framed portrait of himself which he called “a nice surprise”- on behalf of the Civil Engineering student chapter, SAICE-UKZN.

Pautz emphasised the importance of the significant contribution of young engineers towards the betterment of their societies. ‘Don’t give up, challenge the status quo, and believe in yourselves. Take responsibility and help bring about change.’

He said challenges facing the country included rapidly growing cities, insufficient planning, the energy crisis and the transportation infrastructure-and-planning crisis.

Engineers needed to come up with solutions for the fast growing populations in cities to meet the infrastructural demands of services such as water and sanitation, transportation and energy.

‘Infrastructure is the backbone of society. The challenge is on our young engineers to find solutions to the problems facing our cities today and hence make it possible for economic growth on the African continent.’

Pautz (43) is the 112th President of SAICE and the youngest in the institution’s 112-year history.

His mission is to help empower the youth in the civil engineering sector and encourage them to be the best they can be.

Ntsejoa Koma

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