07 August 2015 Volume :3 Issue :36

UKZN helps transform Lakehaven/Zamani Centre during Mandela Month

UKZN helps transform Lakehaven/Zamani Centre during Mandela Month
Staff at Lakehaven/Zamani Child and Youth Care Centre.

The brief was simple – transform a space, turning it from functional and adequate to funky, colourful and brimming with homeliness and warmth.

Commemorating Mandela Month, that’s exactly what UKZN staff and students helped to do at the Lakehaven/Zamani Child and Youth Care Centre in Sea Cow Lake.

They adopted Cottage 2, a girl’s cottage and one of five cottages that accommodates children aged between 6 and 18.  Showing that actions speak louder than words, the UKZN family did not disappoint with contributions flooding in for the cottage and Centre as a whole.

While the young girls of Cottage 2 were away at school, about 30 UKZN staff visited the Centre, eager to begin the transformation. The previous week, paint and roof boarding had been delivered to the Cottage to undertake structural refurbishments so that canvass was complete with the painting done and the roof repaired!

Staff then changed the curtaining in the bedrooms and lounge; placed comforters, pillows and goodies on the beds; put up a painting and a mirror; arranged the new lounge suite, Ottomans and carpet, hung shower curtains and put down bath mats, and refurbished the tables with cloths and vinyl.

There were other more subtle additions such as flowers from the garden and scented fragrances.

The team also planted flowers in pots on the window ledge.

When the girls saw the revamped cottage they screamed in delight, especially at the full length mirror which reflected their excitement and happy smiles! After the ‘revelation’,  the children were treated to an afternoon of snacks and presentations by Ms Tanja Reinhardt from the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science as well as a performance by Ms Patricia Opondo and the Ikusasa Lethu, a Gumboot Dance and African Music group.

To round off the exciting day, Mr TinTin Pillay of ICS handed over five computers, a projector and screen donated by the company.

UKZN’s Corporate Relations team added an LG entertainment system.

By becoming Mandela Day change-makers, staff and students proved that actions speak louder than words.

The UKZN team thanks the following for their contributions:

·  The Foundation Unit staff led by Ms Nadia Paul and Ms Elaine Daker who collected money for curtains in the  bedrooms

·  The Internal Audit Unit led by Ms Josephine Naicker  for the flowers and supper for children

·  The College of Law and Management led by Ms Mercy Rajkumar for the kitchen vinyl and toiletries as well as Ms Hazel Langa for the clothing and items

·  The Human Resources Department led by Ms Brenda Accom for the toiletries, detergents, heater, bedding  and food

·  The College of Humanities led by Ms Xoliswa Zulu for sports equipment

·  The Sports Department led by Ms Sushie Rampersad for sports equipment and uniforms

·  The College of Health Science led by Ms Wandile  Mbanjwa for the comforters and throws and Camy Naidoo for the contribution of bags

·  Contributions collected from Library Services through Ms Louann Thomas of the Pietermaritzburg Campus Library and Ms Kerry Hall  of the Westville Campus Library

·  ICS Unit led by Mr TinTin Pillay for the contribution of five computers, a projector and a screen

·  The Corporate Relations team for their contribution of a music and video entertainment system

·  Ms Tanja Reinhardt (AES) for the fun science presentation

·  Ms Patricia Opondo and Ikusasa Lethu for their gumboot dance and African music entertainment

·   Upper Cafeteria and Crystals Furniture


More about Lakehaven/Zamani Centre:

The Centre accommodates children between the ages of 6 and 18 who are accommodated in five cottages and attend mainstream or pre-vocational schools.  Programmes at the facility include leadership development, life-skills, independent living skills, environmental awareness, sports, career-counselling and skills development.  Programmes at the home attempt to instill a culture of learning and include life-skills, sports, gardening, arts and crafts and leadership development.

Anyone wanting to donate towards the Centre should visit the website: www.cwdd.org.za or contact Ms Reshina Steyn at 031 65778948.

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