30 April 2015 Volume :3 Issue :22

Life After Graduation!

Life After Graduation!
Staff at the College Office: Agriculture, Engineering and Science enjoying their annual teambuilding event.

With the mammoth task of UKZN’s annual graduation ceremonies behind them, staff from the College Office: Agriculture, Engineering and Science, let their hair down and enjoyed some well-earned fun in the sun.

College Office staff, comprising those involved in academic administration, finance, human resources, student support, public relations and office administration, were enthusiastic participants in the support section’s annual team-building event aimed at enhancing camaraderie and rewarding staff for a job well done.

Ably assisted by teambuilding specialists, Beach and Bush Adventures, this year’s event saw staff compete against each other in ‘Amazing Race’-style teams in and around the confines of Durban’s UShaka Marine World.  Bemused stares from the general public notwithstanding, the six teams took up the challenge with enthusiasm and raced off to complete given tasks.

After a tricky puzzle to get the ‘grey cells’ working, it was on to an obstacle course-type activity involving contortionist moves to squeeze one’s body through a roped-up spider’s web.  Then brave volunteers attempted a spot of paddling on the lagoon while their teammates tried solving cryptic clues.

This was followed by a messy and brain-freezing group ice cream speed eat, some very amateurish but enjoyable art endeavours, and a more successful tracking down of fishy facts in the aquarium, before everyone attempted beach sand art. 

With the announcement of the winning team, nobody agreed with the decision, except of course, the winning team!

The afternoon’s activities were rounded off with a delicious lunch at Moyo at the Pier. 

It was unanimously agreed that team morale had been well and truly bolstered by a day of fun.  With staff batteries recharged, the College team declared they were now ready for any whirlwind of activity UKZN might throw at them.

Sally Frost

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