12 September 2013 Volume :1 Issue :1

The role of business in NDP explained

 The role of business in NDP explained
Professor Marius Ungerer.

The role business and civil society had to play to be in line with South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP)  was outlined at a Public Lecture at UKZN’s Graduate School of Business and Leadership by Professor Marius Ungerer, an Associate Professor: Strategy, Change and Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School. 

Academics from UKZN’s School of Business and Leadership, MBA students and members of the Durban business community heard about community strategies they could employ to ensure the plan became a reality for South Africa.

Ungerer gave a detailed view of where the plan originated and its context. He concluded by pointing out how the business community fitted in with this vision for 2030.

‘We have to break out of our moulds of self interest and think long term as the plan requires us to do. Our first job is creating winning and world class companies. We need to look at social entrepreneurship, global partnership and learning, and exchanging ideas of best practices with our global counterparts.’

Ungerer also highlighted how businesses should align their services with the national priorities of the country, co-operate with local government, transform urban and rural areas and give incentives to motivate staff.

‘Research shows that in a developing context children need role models therefore we should not tolerate corruption.  We also need to embrace South African languages, different cultures and religions.

‘I am very impressed with UKZN in this regard as I can see through their staff and students that they are already practising this. The plan is very important and we can all make it a possibility,’ said Ungerer.

The Schools Dean and Head Professor Stephen Migiro had this to say about the Lecture: ‘The Lecture unpacked the NDP’s link into priority areas and succinctly explained the role of business and civil society in its implementation to students and representatives from the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Further, the Lecture provided pointers to potential research topics by our research students in the School, in particular those on the Local Economic Development programme.’

author : Thandiwe Jumo
author email : jumo@ukzn.ac.za