27 September 2022 Volume :10 Issue :44

Use of Specialist Nurses Examined in Doctoral Study

Use of Specialist Nurses Examined in Doctoral Study
Dr Nondumiso Shangase is congratulated by her friend and colleague, Dr Ndumiso Ngidi.

Examination officer at the KwaZulu-Natal College of Nursing, Dr Nondumiso Shangase, has been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.

Shangase’s study was titled: An Analysis of the Culture of Specialisation of Advanced Practice Nurses in Three Selected Provinces in South Africa.

She says her research found there was a lack of relevant legislation and regulations for specialist nurses which limited their use of specialist skills because of a concern about litigation. Furthermore, her study established that management ‘fell short in terms of leadership skills’ and newly-qualified specialist nurses felt underutilised.

With previous studies looking at individual components of Nursing specialisation, Shangase hopes her work offers recommendations that provide insight into the concept or title of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) and will provide a specific scope of practice and job description in line with the qualification of APN.

‘I am excited that after a long journey I have accomplished this degree and produced results during a time when they are required by the South African Nursing profession to delineate the scopes of practice of specialist nurses,’ said Shangase.

She thanked her research supervisor, who she said was grounded in research, and supportive and patient.

Originally from the iLembe district in Ndwedwe, Shangase is preparing to present her research findings at the upcoming Nurse Educators Conference and introduce her integration programme to the Department of Health Management.

Words: Mandisa Shozi

Photograph: Supplied

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