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UKZN Academics Co-Author and Co-Edit Book on Political Leadership in Africa

UKZN Academics Co-Author and Co-Edit Book on Political Leadership in Africa
Professor Purshottama Reddy (left) and Dr Sakhile Zondi.

Lessons from Political Leadership in Africa: Towards Inspirational and Transformational Leaders is the title of a book co-authored and co-edited by two UKZN academics and several other colleagues.

The leading UKZN contributors are Professor Purshottama Reddy and Dr Sakhile Zondi of the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance, and their Stellenbosch University counterparts are Professor P Pillay and Professor C Jones.

Part A of the 16-chapter book published by Cambridge Scholar Publishers in the United States, focuses on the South African experience, Part B on neighbouring African countries Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, while Part C concentrates on the role of universities.

Reddy says the dominant theme of the book is that leadership is a blueprint to transform Africa into a global powerhouse and thus there is an urgent need to refocus energies on the populace, while at the same time forging ahead with democratic, accountable, people-centred, ethical and transparent governance and leadership.

‘The backdrop is that abuse of power, position or office compounded by greed, self-enrichment and acts of dishonesty have dire consequences for any society, and, consequently each chapter of the book promotes Africa’s vision to sustain humanity and its people, away from social ills such as extreme poverty, distinct inequalities and large-scale unemployment,’ said Reddy. ‘This necessitates an innovative generation of bold, passionate, confident, inspiring leaders to make an impact and, more importantly, leave a credible mark globally.

‘That in essence is the ultimate spirit of leadership for the African continent that this book seeks to promote and nurture. History cannot be changed, but one can learn lessons, both good and bad, and change the future to produce a more prosperous tomorrow.’

Reddy is the sole author of one chapter and co-author of three others, while Zondi co-authored three chapters. Two of the co-authors of a chapter edited by Reddy - Dr S Mthuli and Dr N Singh - were previously postdoctoral fellows at UKZN.

Other UKZN contributors to the book are Professor I Martins and Professor I Nzimakwe of the School of Management, IT and Governance and A Martins of the Graduate School of Business.

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