25 November 2021 Volume :9 Issue :52

Helping Learners Reduce Frustration and Anger Using Meditation

Helping Learners Reduce Frustration and Anger Using Meditation
Master’s graduate, Ms Kelisha Panday.

'I saw a need for meditation in schools to assist learners discover solutions to the myriad of challenges they face', says Ms Kelisha Panday who graduated with a Master’s degree in Education. 

Panday’s study showed that learners displayed positive attitudes and views towards meditation, finding it helpful in reducing frustration and anger, improving concentration and academic performance, and decreasing anxiety. 

Learners also saw meditation having the potential to assist with the productivity of learners, many of whom supported introducing the practice into the school day. 

Panday suggests ‘that meditation be used as an educational tool and strategy to assist learners since it has positively impacted many salient aspects of learners’ educational efforts and personal qualities.’ 

She noted that 'further research will inform the policy and practice concerning the implementation of meditation to the Department of Education and other educators, helping them broaden knowledge about the feasibility and pedagogical value of meditation in schools.’ 

Panday’s advice to other researchers is: ‘Never give up. Once you start studying keep moving forward, irrespective of how long it takes as you will get to the end.’ 

She is also grateful to her family, friends and supervisor Dr Lokesh Maharajh for being her support system. 

On her future, Panday said: ‘My current plan is to enjoy my baby girl, Anjana, and also consider future study.’  

Words: Melissa Mungroo

Photograph: Supplied 

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