24 November 2021 Volume :9 Issue :51

PhD Graduate Seeks to Make a Difference

PhD Graduate Seeks to Make a Difference
PhD graduate, Dr Majeed Ganai.

‘This is a really proud moment for me,’ said Dr Majeed Ganai who graduated with a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

‘It was a challenge for all students to complete their work on time during COVID-19,’ he added.

Supervised by Professor Raj Karpoormath, Ganai synthesised new compounds for the treatment of cancer. ‘I discovered some compounds which were active against cancer cell lines,’ he said. ‘I learnt many techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared (IR) and X-ray spectroscopy, which were completely new to me.’ He is currently conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Ioannina in Greece. He is learning biological testing and designing more compounds to test against cancer. Ganai said that he hopes to one day become a professor.

‘I have always wanted to contribute good things to the world and Pharmaceutical Chemistry is one of the subjects which can make it possible. Designing drug like compounds and testing them against lethal diseases promotes drug discovery and development,’ he explained. 

He has already published some of his research papers with assistance from his supervisor.

He remarked that he enjoyed his time at UKZN. ‘UKZN has excellent facilities for any kind of study with great technical staff. The University provides one with space to think out of the box and helps to improve one’s skills.’

Words: Nombuso Dlamini

Photograph: Supplied

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