12 November 2021 Volume :9 Issue :48

UKZN Building Goes Green in Support of World Stroke Day

UKZN Building Goes Green in Support of World Stroke Day
From left: Health Promotions Officer, Mrs Samukelisiwe Dladla, Ms Normah Zondo and Mrs Dana Govender and the MTB Building lit up.

In commemoration of World Stroke Day, UKZN - in partnership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa - lit up the Memorial Tower Building (MTB) on the Howard College campus in green with the impressive sight visible from many parts of Durban.

Executive Director of Corporate Relations Ms Normah Zondo said: ‘In keeping with the aims of the University’s Wellbeing Communication Strategy launched in September, we call on all staff and students to take care of themselves and others, in all aspects of their lives.

‘Although large social gatherings are still not permitted due to the pandemic, we reach out to our community through visible, fun initiatives aimed at keeping everyone motivated on their wellness journey. By flipping the switch, we want to remind our community that living a healthy lifestyle means having a strong mind, body and soul.’

During the evening event, a team from the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa conducted free health risk assessments and tests including for blood pressure, blood glucose content and blood cholesterol levels.

Health Promotions Manager at the Foundation, Ms Dana Govender said, ‘The focus for 2021 is: Minutes Can Save Lives. We all know that a stroke is a medical emergency, and we need to take charge.

‘The best way to recognise an imminent stroke is to remember the acronym FAST - facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulties and time. Ask the person to smile, then steadily raise both arms and finally repeat a simple phrase. If the person has difficulty in any of these, act quickly and get help,’ said Govender.

Zondo encouraged the University community to reach out to UKZN’s team of experts on campuses who are available to help staff and students in connection with their wellness, ‘Visit your College Student Support Service sites or ICAS for staff. Remember that your body also needs a healthy mind. Protect yourself, educate yourself and create a plan for a life of good health. If you take care of your heart, your heart will take care of you.’ Click here to access these support services. 

Watch the lighting up of MTB Building here.

Words: Rakshika Sibran

Photographs: Asante Solutions.

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