12 November 2021 Volume :9 Issue :48

Students Compete in International TV Game Show

Students Compete in International TV Game Show
The Ntuli sisters on the show Family Feud South Africa with US television personality and comedian Steve Harvey.

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The Ntuli Family, comprising UKZN students and alumni, participated in Family Feud South Africa, the popular international television game show with Steve Harvey as the host.

The show features two families who compete against each other to name the most popular responses to survey questions in order to win cash and prizes.

Said Harvey: ‘Bringing Family Feud to Africa has long been a dream of mine. I believe the show will become a household hit here. And this is just the beginning in Africa. I expect this show to lead to multiple media and business projects in and throughout the continent.’

The Ntuli family comprise Kuhlekonke (Masters in Housing); Thembalethu (Psychology); Lungelo (Honours Social Sciences); Lungile (Honours in Population Studies) and Minnie (Bachelor of Arts).

The Ntuli family are fans of the show and had played it previously in the comfort of their own home in New Germany. ‘This fun family activity grew on us and we enjoyed its ability to bring out our different personalities. We wished we could be on the show, win the game and take the money home. When the opportunity actually presented itself, we jumped at it,’ said Kuhlekonke.

‘If the world wants to know about South Africa, they need to know that we, the youth, are leading, influencing and shaping the world we want to see. We believe that the more frequently young Black girls see themselves on TV, the sooner they will realise that there are no barriers to the global stage be it in academia, entertainment or developmental practice,’ said Kuhlekonke.

Words: Melissa Mungroo

Photograph: Supplied

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