29 July 2021 Volume :9 Issue :33

Getting to Grips with Forensic Investigations

Getting to Grips with Forensic Investigations
Getting to grips with forensic investigations.

Forensic techniques and advances have a significant impact in the investigation process. Advances in forensic technologies and software have increased demand for skilled individuals to facilitate investigations. During the course of an investigation, evidence is collected and analysed in a laboratory or by an investigator, with the results ultimately produced in court. This lengthy process can cause a delay in the justice system’s turnaround time. Time is key when a crime has been committed, and it is crucial to have a team that can accurately facilitate the process.

The demand for well-equipped investigators prompted UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) to launch its Certificate in Forensic Investigation Techniques programme. This 12-day training provides insights that assist in incorporating forensic techniques into crime analysis. This can assist in identifying patterns or correlating other information pertinent to the case, resulting in sound evidence that can be used in court. Information collected through forensic investigations helps to solve cases faster or to identify linkages and trends across cases.

Participants will gain an understanding of legal concepts, basic accounting and forensic investigations. They will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the civil and criminal trial, including the analysis of witness statements and affidavits. The programme exposes delegates to the substantive, practical and ethical aspects of forensic investigation. Upon completion, they will have a sound understanding of the application of basic legal concepts in their work environments, forensic auditing, specialised forensic investigation techniques, and rules of evidence, as well as forensic report writing.

The upcoming intake for the Certificate in Forensic Investigation Techniques is starting on 23 August. To secure your place or obtain more information about this programme, click here or contact:

Percy Sishi
T: +27 31 260 1234
E: Sishis@ukzn.ac.za

Words: Nkosingiphile Ntshangase

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