28 May 2021 Volume :9 Issue :23

Three Chetty Sisters Graduate Together

Three Chetty Sisters Graduate Together
The Chetty sisters from left: Twins Odell and Odette and their older sister, Yvette.

Excitement was tripled in the Chetty home when the family celebrated the graduation of 22-year-old twins Odell and Odette, and their older sister Yvette (29).

While the twins have a charming synchronicity in their thoughts, laughter and smiles, they are worlds apart when it comes to career choices. Odell, who found her passion in Health Sciences, graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours); while Odette is all set for the corporate world after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting (Honours) degree. The twins say they look up to Yvette who graduated with a PhD in Physiology while Yvette in turn says she is thrilled that all three of them graduated during the same week.

Since the passing of their mother, Ms Charmaine Chetty in 2013, Yvette has taken on a motherly role, supporting her sisters through high school and university.

‘I'm sure my mom would be proud of all of us! I’m happy we supported each other, achieved our goals and can now give back to our dad (Mr Krishnan Chetty),’ said Odette who is doing her articles at KPMG and plans to become a chartered accountant, while Odell is enjoying a year of community service at Addington Hospital in Durban.

Odell, who says she always wanted to work in a profession where she could help people, is very proud of her achievement as she found the course challenging, especially last year when the COVID-19 pandemic cemented itself across the globe. ‘Throughout the national lockdown, it was not possible for us to receive placement for fieldwork experience as usual, and so we did telehealth as an alternative. Telehealth is a way of interacting with patients and conducting Occupational Therapy sessions via Zoom.’

Yvette said growing up in Chatsworth where drug abuse and the use of ‘sugars’ (a harmful and addictive drug cocktail) was rife inspired her to pursue her research on their effect on the brain and behaviour of animals. Currently working as a lecturer at the University of Limpopo, Yvette plans to return home soon to celebrate with her twin sisters.

Words: Sejal Desai

Photographs: Rogan Ward and supplied

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